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Really looking forward to playing this one!

Interesting concept, I am looking forward to the release. I purchased this through Bundle for Ukraine.

Having no idea about tarot decks, it would have been really useful to be linked to somewhere that can explain each card for someone who has no idea, otherwise this game doesn't make much sense to a casual 'hey I want to try this' person like myself. I know I can google this but it would be great to be linked to somewhere that says it fairly succinctly that would be good for this game.

For the block tower do you just mean a jenga tower? If so, do we use all the blocks included in the jenga or a specific amount?

I enjoyed this game as a little solo afternoon. From your comments section I found Campaign Cartographer and look forward to doing this game again and putting it up on there when I get round to it.

I would say the pantheon could be integrated a bit more - perhaps things like specific diety influences on the world. 

I didn't do the war / fall at the end because I was playing solo and didn't want a ravaged world on the already very full map I had but it also looks good.