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Thank you, I'm so happy to hear that~!!

Stunning both visually and with regard to writing!! I found myself holding my breath at the end - hoping for...not even the best possible outcome but not the worst. In such a short time I felt so much for all the characters, even the ones who only had a few lines and a portrait. Amazing storytelling!

THANK YOU~!!! What a lovely comment, it made my day to read it~! It's always so interesting to hear how people felt while playing Mare Memoria. Some people felt sad, frustrated, melancholic and now relaxed...I think that's fitting for a game about the ritual of everyday life. Thank you again for taking the time to leave a comment, so sweet~!!

Thank you so much, I'm very glad to hear it~!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you very much~!!

!! Thank you so much for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my lil game~!

This game scared the shit out of me and it ruled. I screamed when Unicorn brought up the glove WHILE tied up...girl...your survival instincts...
There was a lot of really cool concepts here and also it was strangely funny at times!
Mirai: Do you ever think about how many animals suffer everyday?
Unicorn: You're so poetic~

Now that you mention IS wild! Very strange to think about, I'll try my very best to keep making rad things, 😊 thank you again for being so kind~!

How kind of you to say~!! Thank you for leaving a comment~!

Yess life feels like both those things at times, sometimes in tandem! I'm glad you enjoyed the game~!!

Thank you~!

Give in to the urge, I'd love to hear what you were thinking while making it!!

I don't know if I completely understood what was happening so sorry if this waay off base but I thought it was interesting how the ritual involves so many people who are also participating in the ritual and that the protagonist also doesn't know what the ritual is, implying to me that they've also been caught in the ritual loop.

"I want you to pretend that you know me and because you know me everything I do makes sense." Is a very intriguing line of dialogue! (It feels authoritative yet desperate...a bit romantic?) It's said by someone who might be the person who began the ritual or not since they say it's already in motion. So I'm thinking that like someone in authority might use the line to mean "Trust me, it'll all make sense why I'm making you do this at the end." but someone participating might use it  (and I don't know if I'm explaining myself well here) as a draw? 

A Draw: I was thinking about what your game desc says about loneliness and about what the hot sticker cowboy said about how the ritual is fun most of the time but sometimes scary. Everyone participating in the ritual seems to be alone most of the time unless another person participating comes along. None of them know what they're doing really but all of them help each other as best they can. 

I don't have a conclusion, it just made me think~!!
Also 'Sick Bracelet!' and hot sticker cowboy are so cool~

No, upon further inspection here is my conclusion;
Maybe the TRUE ritual is the friends we made along the way!

Added, let me know if you encounter any problems 👍

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Love the atmosphere & visuals! Vv strong demo!!The way everyone speaks is so mysterious!

Thank you!


This game AA!! Talking with the mother especially made me feel so uncomfortable (in the intended way). When she said things like "You don't have to do anything, just take care of yourself." I could FEEL the double meaning. If you don't do anything then you're seen as not helping, as not caring for her but if you try to help you're refused. The dialogue for her was very well written in my experience. I loved the game and if anything I wish it were longer and had more depth (don't get me wrong, I LOVED it!!) to the conflict, like instead of vague hints. I think it works just fine like this though, it portrays an atmosphere perfectly and is very well written! The dad and the letter knife was gut wrenching, generations of hurt.