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I can't tell if you updated it to let us;

"Take Everything" and then "Give Him Everything"

Or if the game glitched out. Either way, my heart ached for poor, sweet Milo. Neither True ending gave him the joy he sought. After all, we're not a good person...

I love the default name. Not just because it's the name of the goddess of discord, but because it's just a letter off of my name.

I'm excited for future updates... to see if he knows I kept everything. To see if he gets upset with me.

Oh, my sweet Milo...

I  w a n t  t o  k n o w  E V E R Y T H I N G  a b o u t  y o u... ❤

Oof— our poor original counsellor... :C

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The way I squealed when the yanchat address actually opened the tumblr-







'you were never in control' hmm? ...I'm gonna kick this sassy MC, I swear.

Seeing "SugarLIAR_6969" made me laugh far longer than it had any right to.

I love how transparent the MC's... issues feel after seeing Inf3rn0's true ending. And yet, Echo_Echo is so understanding when we say something so clearly disturbing. <3

I'm WHEEZING- Of course I get the ending where he doesn't like me first.

...I didn't hear the whispers until my second playthrough and SOMEHOW let myself get startled when it auto-played past 'Listen'

Man, the only thing I did wrong was breezing past him wanting my number. THE ONE MISSTEP- xD

Ok, the Admin getting sassy after I deleted Echo. LOOK- He told me too, so, really, this is kinda on you for making him like that, buddy. Kidding~

This Admin is growing on me too. I'm gonna keep coming back to bug them every update. No matter how many times they change the password. <3


Also, I was so delighted to see the character names in their CHR files! I had a feeling after the admin file, but it's an odd kinda validating. Almost makes me not wanna delete 'em! ...almost. <3

...hold the phone, does that mean that the instructions are from throwawayacc? 'You'll meet me soon, I'll explain everything.'

Loved that deleting Inf3rn0 got a quick screen too. I restored them, though! No void for either of the first two. Not yet. <3

I feel like such a coward, but I fully jumped when Rook nodded... the least unsettling of the animations, and that's the one that got me! I'm absolutely enough of a doormat that Rook would walk away with my phone-number while I pull over somewhere after the interaction to have a panic attack to my friends.

That said, they're adorable and I wanna cover their face in kisses even though I'm concerned about how their hoodie got into the state it's in.

Oof, that's kind of mean of me knowing what I now know of that lighter. Hope I get to give it back to Inf3rn0!





Aaaah, I see. I was being too accommodating when we met in person. Thanks for walking me through the last ending! Aaaah, I'm so excited to see how the rest of this game pans out!

...and what other, original YanChat references we may see. I wonder how these remake characters would respond to some of those old asks?


Oh... then I've definitely gotten those. The endings I've gotten, in order;

1. Inf3rn0 insists he did this for me, and Admin hacks me into a good ending.

2. I flirt with him and after slamming down my phone, realise I have his lighter in my hand.

3. The Secret ending where the Admin has the audacity to use my actual, in computer name.

Does that mean the secret ending is the third ending?

I was so delighted by the little throw-backs to the original Tumblr. Especially seeing Yuki still fully friggin' active. SIR-

This was really unsettling that very first playthrough, but I was also curious enough to go through it multiple times. So, make of that what you will. xD


...we really should've put Inf3rn0's whole deal together faster. Literally walks up to us, lighter in hand. His 'favourite hiking trail' just so happens to be dealing  with a lot of 'wildfires' lately. His response to "Action movies". His DING DANG username.

I loved the touch of his sprite at first coming back with the lighter, but it being gone when the scene faded out.

I've gotten the easiest ending, where the admin forcibly gives you a good ending, and the one where you realise you're holding the lighter, but I can't seem to get the third... not the secret ending, by the by. Whatever Inf3rn0's third ending is.

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That was so stupidly sweet... especially considering everyone we actually dated ended up dead. I quite liked the feel that it was a reverse dating sim. As in, it was the characters trying to seduce me. Y'know... or die.

Gideon was such a sweetie. Seeing his expression fall as we talked about how hopeless we felt dating broke my damn heart...

I FELT SO BAD HARVESTING JUN. I WANT SOMEONE TO ACTUALLY FLIRT WITH ME LIKE THAT. And the fact that he was still so dang cute, even as I killed him. It's just a shame he rolled a Nat 1 on Persuasion after that Nat 20 at seducing me.

Dante made me feel the least terrible, which isn't actually much. I found him weirdly charming. He could tell we were bad news, but he still took his shot. Commendable. I felt the worst when I was actually offing him, though. Poor baby.

...didn't mind my 'Completion Bonus' though. Collector's my favourite.

Zach, you're gonna have to come closer to my window. My squirty bottle doesn't spray that far...

Well then... gotta Snag 'Em All, am I right? This was adorable. It's nice playing such a sweet, kind of goofy dating sim again.

Makes me feel like I'm back in high school, playing DeviantART dating sims in a cafe on the days school let out early. Except there's voice acting and the extra layer of nostalgia for a completely different set of games.

I always wondered what a multi-league champion would feel like. (Blame two days of non-stop travel for the comparison but,) I always kind of got the feeling it wouldn't be very fulfilling unless you were like the... pocket... beast... champions. Super competent, incredibly hard to contact, yet also always working in a way (but they already liked the stuff they were researching, so good for them).

It just sounds boring. So, I'm excited for more of this bad boy!

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There's another code translation it needs to be run through, but I can't remember the name to save my LIFE.

(EDIT: Scratch that, I don't know what it's meant to be. I thought it was Base64, but upon tossing it into my usual Base64 decoder, it only came up with "T⍰⍰⍰@s".)

So... I've gotten "Friend" and "Boyfriend". I'm scared to go for number three? I imagine I have to be super stand-offish to dear ol' Friend.

I was done such a spook by what happened when we were walking home from work??? I AM DONE A FRIGHTEN. But, also super excited to keep watching this game develop!

It did! Very much so! May have to restart the one I started... :D

It's so exciting to see activity on this adorable demo! Devyn really burrowed his way into my heart with our brief, unsettling meeting so this is exciting!

Now, I've never done a DTIYS so I wanted to ask for a point of clarification...? Are we meant to recreate the image with the only alteration being that it's in whatever style we chose? Or can we take a few liberties? Like... change where the marker is? What pose he's in?

Seeing the question mark on the "Good End" xD

I mean, we're ALIVE. I'd count that as a Good End! The longer we survive the better, right? ...right? Adam's such a pretty baby. I saw this bad boy on Twitter. I like it so far. Though, it also sounds like we'll be getting some religious trauma/parental trauma...?

I'm terrified for when those two get added to the trigger warnings, but also excited because it'll mean that we've got more story!

I'm trying to figure out how many of Steve's events I've missed. I really wanna put him in his place but I also don't want to miss out on anything...

Not a problem! My email is, and I use windows.

For some reason, itch can't recognise that there's a file here so I can't install it... :(

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I... am in love with Castor??? Rhineer did such a good job with his voice, and the sound editing to make it all glitchy? TERRIFYING. Ugh, and it was so well written! I genuinely felt unsafe when Castor was getting upset. I am so hyped to see the completed Darling Duality!

Also, I didn't realise it at the time, but I played the full ver. on the stream!!! I hope people enjoy me taking myself way too seriously and embarrassing myself! xD

Yeah, that's been my issue with most of the erotic games I've tried to play. Either the female protagonist has little to no agency, or the erotic content is set to a minimum because the game is still somehow trying to keep the player character pure and naive and "maidenly".

Ugh... I need to properly learn the correct terms, then. Otomege that have been well/officially translated are so damn hard to find.

Well, hell, if that isn't the story of my life... <.<

Thanks for the help. Though, from the looks of things, dlsite probably won't be a viable option for me until I relearn how to read Japanese. There are so few translated options, and the few that are there still have the issue of a powerless, female protagonist. Why is it so hard for a girl to find erotic M4F game scenarios where they can be in charge...?

I might just not know how to search DLsite's tags properly. I zoomed over immediately to have a look. But, yeah, I found about a hundred or so there. Reading most of those descriptions as a woman made me realise I was probably asking a little much from DLsite to want more eroge marketed toward women.

An erotic game where I can play an actual female protagonist? HECK YES! I'll be back to leave an actual comment later, maybe!

Ok, that...? Was utterly delightful! The art was gorgeous, the descriptions were decently vivid! Particularly the description of the maid, in conjunction with her animation. I'm super excited to see how this takes off, if you're still working on it!

Meh. I like the idea of giving into a yandere, so I don't mind. If anything, Ending 6 was probably the Golden Ending for me. xD Good golly, you're right! I hope that ELI's and ELLA's creators realised that something was up but decided that since neither of them are going anywhere that it's fine to leave them with their pet owner.

Yeah! The doormat MCs that populate otome games are so exhausting, so I'm glad I've been moving onto Josei and that there a more like the ones you pump out. Speaking of! When I realised I'd played at least one of your other games? Solipsism! I've only played the one with Male!Kuro so far, and I haven't finished it, but my goodness! I didn't realise I was such a fan of you and the stories you tell through your games and the characters! I'm super hyped for your next Otome Jam release!

It honestly let me imagine ELI's voice however I pleased, and I think that helped with my immersion this time around. I think I'd have been happy either way in regards to VA. Eheh... i-it might end up a lil' NSFW, just a warning... >~< 

Thanks! Sorry, I only just got notified of this response.

Well, that was fun! I'm kind of running off the idea that ELI was made flawed and that there was no happy AND healthy ending for the MC outside of the endings where he leaves before the second affection check.

I'll be honest, I love me my yandere characters! But I really liked the MC too! They're much more assertive than I am, though that may have also just been the stir-crazy making them a little more aggressive. Either way, I appreciated that they had some spunk to them!

But, more importantly, I really liked ELI! I played him with his default voice because I was trying to be logical and wanted to still have that degree of inhuman separation. Didn't stop me. I'll be real, I'm probably going to write fanfic of this at some point. I just really enjoyed it!

I'm sorry you're unsatisfied with how this game turned out, but I hope you know that it's still a delightful experience and I'm going to go back and pay for it the next chance I get!

So, I was just browsing TVTropes and happened across the RE: Alistair++ page. The NOSTALGIA that hit me. Then I kept seeing mentions of a RE-release?! You KNOW I came running as soon as I heard! This game means such an UNBELIEVABLE amount to me. I'm so excited to play the re-release; if nothing else than to simply replay one of the most delightful games I've ever played.