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sweet starfruit

A member registered Jun 26, 2021

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Lovely game I enjoy it a lot however as mentioned above it's very difficult and thus very frustrating but I think it could be a game I would play more than once if it was a bit easier. Can't wait for the patch in a few days! <3

Love this game. It's a worthy sequel to Lost Direction. It may be hard to find the right way to progress in the game however it's still fun. Dying did not stop me from trying harder and again. I really enjoy it, will definetly try it again to reach the Ending and find more than merely 1 Secret.  As someone who played about 2 hours I can just say slow walk a lot and look out for puddles. (I love you developer, keep up the amazing work <3)  Definetly 5 stars from me for the game chef lol

Amazing games. Played it til floor 26 but saw something would happen in 25 so I dropped back. However I was locked in the "thing" that would appear and had to close the game. But damn the atmosphere is amazing the small little secrets and the way horror is generated without any hostile entity or finding pages. Just exploring with a scary VHS filter. I love this game and will probably play it again because I saw people talking about things I have not witnessed yet. A big kiss from me to the Developer <3<3<3

Great small Visual Novel. The athmosphere and character designs are great with a cute  and interesting protagonist. I hope for more keep up the good work you have my full support! <3

I like the game. The characters and the short story are perfect for a short round of fun. I hope there will be a continuation or anything related. Keep up the good work!!