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Really cool. Great gameplay idea

I really loved the simplicity of your game, and I loved the gameplay.

Awesome job.

Great job!

You definitely hit the nail on the head for the theme :) 

Thanks for the feedback, I actually updated the game to make the lockpicking easier. I guess I didn't realize it was hard when I was making it because I never had too much of an issue unlocking. 

Phew, that was a close one, the cat's almost lost.

Pretty darn cool seeing a 3d game entered. One day I hope to enter a 3d game

Captured islands and Killed Phrogs

Shit game. Loved seeing a tower defense as an entry!

Awesome job!! I do wish there were more levels! :)

Glad to see someone do a 3D game! Big Beef.

Amazing game design!

Great job!

Very nice to see an RTS style game. Great job!

Level 2 is too hard :-/ 

Dad :(

Great job, I really enjoyed the boss battle.

Very unique, and thought out. Seems like it would be a headache to program.

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Awesome job! This game would do well if more time were dedicated to this project.

Great phyisics, fun and skilled gameplay. 

Very original game play. Very fun, and allows grinding, could be a full fledged game