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I was playing on browser, thanks for the tip!

Great game, but i recently opened the game and all my progress was gone, scores and stars included. do you have an idea of what happened?

this game is so much fun! i would love a custom game where you can choose the background, the conditions, and the grid size!

very cool! that is exactly what I meant. (not to say that girls cant have short hair)

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very fun and cool game!

i made a prison yard too, sadly no villagers will spawn in it :(

i present,

cool guy city, population: 24

(this isnt the whole town, I couldnt fit it on screen)

I like this game a lot, but i would like more male hair options in the character creator. (I'm trying to make myself)

cool music

Pay respects to the legend and put MF DOOM in Friday Night Funkin

so fun

a little bit too easy

slo-mo too overpowered

(maybe make it a little faster)

great game

Oh well

one thing you could add to the teletron is when you rescue a cadet, there will be a higher chance of get that alien species in the future.

again, really great game!

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Oh, cool!

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I could easily see this be expanded into a full game! you could add an alien that would get to use the items for longer. But how do i use the teletron?

what is this



I saw it as more sci-fi, but now that I'm looking at the sprites again, it really does look medieval!

it was a good mix of hard and easy, and it was a little short, but I still enjoyed it. I managed to get every cube after a few tries. Great game, I look forward to seeing any new projects you have!

Pretty cool game!

I like the extra mechanics you added though! An idea could be adding the thing where you angle the dash diagonal to the ground and jump immediately. I forget what it's called.

Can't wait!

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very cool game! the camera moving when you attack can get really annoying , and jumping feels a little clunky. two suggestions I have are adding some kind of aerial attack, and more enemy variety. Great game though!

I'm not crying , you are

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cool game! is there a way to fall through the yellow platforms? 

my record is 57 seconds

It's really cool! some of the sprites are really ugly though.

thats a good idea!

omega cool

can the bombs deal damage to the enemy ship? Great game by the way

cool game! But sometimes when you start needing to go really fast, the screen moves so fast I can´t see anything. maybe add a but more scroll rather than just cutting to the next floor. My record is 273.

don´t outwork yourself, mate. This game is great by the way.

Emergentitus meetingus

what is the point of this ga- WAIT WHAT

Its really fun, but on maps 2 and 3, it can get confusing where I´m supposed to go. I love racing games, and this does not disappoint. Great Game!

ultra cool

okay, sounds good!

I´m trying to learn all the Celeste classic tech, and I just don´t know how to do a spike jump. If anyone knows how please tell me. Thanks!

I love it but the screen should shake when you dash.