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hey i played your games and had lots of fun doing so!!!

i played your game reeeeeeee 

this was such a dreamie game!

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idk why vhs tapes always are scare as shit but i really enjoyed this game 

hi! i forgot to post the video of me playing your game! 

this was suchs a cool game<!


this was such a fun ggame to play took me ages to find maggie tho!!!

this game dident run that well for me and there could have been a some moore spooks but thats just me. either way i really liked the idea of the game 

this was weird but i likled the tune in the game 

my oobs could not record this aprrrently idk why any help will be appriciated 

this was such a nice game i loved the music in it 

heres the vid¨

i really like this game and it was super scary , so scary that my pc dident wanted to play it lool

this game is really scary but i had noo idea f what was going oon anyway vids here 

there were some good scares in this if only there were more 

its amazing that you made this game under  24hours i really like it and you just knew that you were guilty of something but without knowing it 

hi i played your game and i gotta say i really dig these typeof games. and i really like the cartoon style heres the video 

hi i played your game and i really like it its just a good simple horror game with a stalker. heres thevideo

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this game was horriffying and i loved it the monsster was sooooooo loud so when it got close to you, you got really spooked out. great game 10/10

this was such a fun game lol. there was so many poop jokes. i think hes going to be the new riddler 

this game what sooooo scary i really like the sounds in it and graphics. this game starts at 7:00

i love the concept of primary color man. the most scary about this video is when he just walks through walls. pls do not change that 

i really liked the style in this game and the lore is just mindblowing sadly i dident catch any of it when i played it. but great work!!!

this game would have been scary if the teletubbie dident get stuck in a tree. there could also be some improvements oon the footsteps since they have a bit of delay. 

contemp starrts at 5:30

this game was sooo cool i liked all the details in the hous there could have been some more spook maybe thats just me. the ambience and atmosphere  was on point in this game it freaks you out!!! would 100% recommend this game to the horror folks out there