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Ah, thank you! I want to hear about what you all get up to when you do get around to playing!

I'm *close* to releasing the dedicated multiplayer mode, the play-by-post rules have been a blast to playtest. It'll only be 2p at release, though, as...adding more players involves me writing up 240 prompts per player, haha. However, I think the "solo" game is fun to play with a group too, all contributing to the story of one witch. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for supporting the game!

Thanks so much, levoneh! I can't tell you how much your enjoyment of the game means to me.

I had an incredible experience with this game. The concept plays out so elegantly through the mechanics. I went in not knowning what kind of experience or story I'd end up with, but created something really meaningful and personal. The rules are thoughtful and respectful to the player. I really recommend giving this a go and can't wait to see how the final version ends up.

If you're looking for feel-good pastoral witch vibes, the Flying Witch OST is what I go to!