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It's easy to learn and very funny to play! I wish there was a restart button.

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I know that there may be an issue with lost balls but I was low on time so the issue still exists, unfortunately. Thanks for advice, I'm glad you like the game

This is almost exactly what I wanted the game to feel. I'm happy to know that this contrast is felt. Also I indented slightly different interpretation but the freedom of interpretation it the indicator of success, i believe :) Thank you for feedback

The snow/ice looks awesome :)

Hi. thank you for the reasoned criticism. This is exactly what I want to hear as feedback. I agree that it may be too plain and the game surely lacks progression. I'll keep in mind these advices.

Well, I'm going to rate every game submitted, too. I see, this thread is for posting playing logs and selected low-rated masterpieces, isn't it?

You're welcome. DF-JK was just the first idea I came up with. Actually, I've never seen it in games, however, I think, it might be nice for your game. I would definitely choose something like this if there was an option.

It was hard to find an appropriate soundtrack for everyone, so I made a music shelf with a blank track as an option. So you can play whatever reflects your mood or feel of the game :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

I think, you should try to experiment with key bindings. The standard WASD is too slow for so fast-paced gameplay. Maybe DF-JK will work fine as two-hands are involved.

Speaking about gameplay, it's fun at first, however then it gets repititive. I think, adding about... 50+ levels with some kind of procedural generation will solve the issue. I like the general mechanics and fast pace of the game!

Hello! Thank you for the report. I've run it through VirusTotal, too. First of all, all other 67 antiviruses haven't found any malware, and "Cylance" is using some kind of AI technology that can be unstable, probably. For example, Cylance thinks Firefox installer is a malware (proof). I hope these facts prove that Cylance can mistake. For my part, I promise that I haven't packed any malware. Hope you'll like it!

- Semyon

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EDIT: This challenge can be really exhausting and it will be better to arrange a less demanding challenge with less than decade duration, maybe. So read this as a raw idea for inspiration. After all, we have a full month to think of different ways to take part in such a long jam and I would be glad to hear about your ideas. Have a nice time!

First of all, I agree that this jam is brilliant. 10 years of making games in a community of random people who are strange enough to join this fun, too.

Well, to increase the degree of fun I offer a decade long #onegameamonth challenge! The name is self-explanatory: make a game every month. From a super-duper-tiny press-F-to-win game to a mega next-gen photorealistic innovative title (who knows how far will you go). Make a game in an hour of do it every weekend — whatever you are comfortable with. Why is it cool? Because at the end of the decade you will have 120 (!!) games of different shape and size. Plus, you will improve your gamedesign skills. Moreover, it is a decade-long game-dev challenge. What can be more awesome?

Finally, this is completely voluntary (obvoiusly, but I should mention it). Join in whenever you want and leave whenever you feel like to. But we all know that you won't get this satisfaction if you don't have 120 games published ;)

Thank you, Tim! Having my entry in top 10 is a great achievement for me.

I would play this game on my smartphone if I could. It's like an interesting timekiller with simple mechanics unlike a lot of popular ones. It is well played without aiming (not so necessary mechanic), and I think it's better to plant seeds automatically rather than manually. It won't affect the game much, I believe. Also the controls are slightly irresponsive, and it spoils the gameplay sometimes. Anyway, I would like to have this game on mobiles if possible. And graphics is really neat.

Yeah, it's pretty unbalanced difficult :]. To be honest, I've spent some on balance issues.

I like that you like it :)

I found that if I draw something on the circle, the game turns into unreadable mess. I'll try to do something, so... The version with in-game art will probably appear.

Also, thank you for feedback.

Thank you for feedback. The idea was that you must avoid as much red circles as possible, but if you are big enough, you don't immediately lose. So the red ones are supposed to be so punishing. I'm going to fix some issues of this game and I'll look at hit range.

Uff, yeah! I've done it. It feels difficult but fair. Sometimes I thought that the game wanted me to die but... what if I jump slightly lower? I love this game.

I wonder how so nice games are made with Pico

Wow, it is the best Pico 8 game I've ever seen! I'm just wondering how it can be made on Pico 8. The gameplay is quite boring sometimes but I've never seen anything more interesting on Pico 8.

Despite of the simplicity the game is cute and funny! And the music... It's near perfect!

The same to you!

The game is really cool!

By the way, what mean signs "bad", "perfect", "great", etc?

As I know, you should press right if the circle is on the right and left if on the left

Really a very interesting game!

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The game requires player to kill. I see, developer(s) want to make us think, but, guys, I would rather decide not to kill any human if I'm thinking, what I'm doing.

UPD: Maybe, you shoud give player an ability to speak. Because it is strange when player silently start killing.

It's very beautiful! The graphics is fantastic!