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I wonder how so nice games are made with Pico

Wow, it is the best Pico 8 game I've ever seen! I'm just wondering how it can be made on Pico 8. The gameplay is quite boring sometimes but I've never seen anything more interesting on Pico 8.

Despite of the simplicity the game is cute and funny! And the music... It's near perfect!

The same to you!

The game is really cool!

By the way, what mean signs "bad", "perfect", "great", etc?

As I know, you should press right if the circle is on the right and left if on the left

Really a very interesting game!

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The game requires player to kill. I see, developer(s) want to make us think, but, guys, I would rather decide not to kill any human if I'm thinking, what I'm doing.

UPD: Maybe, you shoud give player an ability to speak. Because it is strange when player silently start killing.

It's very beautiful! The graphics is fantastic!