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It's still in progress.  Everything's done up through chapter six (of eight + epilogues), and most of the writing and art beyond that is done too, I just haven't programmed it together yet.  I've overcome one of the writing walls I ran up against, now there's just one more, and when I can write my way around that, I should be home free.  

These last few months have seen little progress due to some personal issues, I apologize.  I've been trying to take care of myself during this time instead of working on the game.  I know I'm not great at this game dev. thing.  I posted this demo to prove to myself I could do this, but in the future, I'll keep in mind not to put out a demo when there's still so much work to be done on the game.

I'm pushing the release date to December to give me a little more room. Working on this game and  trying to finish for November has been hurting my performance at work, and as I don't make a lot of money right now, I need to realign my priorities.  I hope you all understand.

You're fine.  They're fair questions to ask.  I don't consider them that spoilery, myself, since I'm planning on making some sort of guide anyway since I feel like it sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Yes, this set-up does mean that nothing blatantly romantic will be happening until the very end.  Romance has never been the point of this game, it's always been meant as a bonus.  I understand this is odd for a VN, and perhaps I should be more clear about that in the game's information so that players aren't disappointed if they were expecting more of a dating sim.  One of my personal goals for writing this story was to practice writing the development of friendships, and so that's what the core of this story is--the tale of four people learning to get along and be friends.

If you're concerned that this means the romance will be shoe-horned in right at the end, it may help to know that the Set 2 Endings are a sort of epilogue with a beginning, middle, and end all their own, and are about 9000-10,000 words a piece to give the blossom of a romantic relationship some believability.  

To get a romantic ending, a character late in the game will ask Makani whether or not she is in love, and if she responds in the affirmative then the character will hint at how she can move in the right direction towards which guy she likes.  You do need a certain number of friendship points for the romantic ending to initiate, but you should have little problem reaching that since practicing with the guys also raises this stat in addition to their survivability, and there are scattered other dialogue options throughout that often raise the friendship stat of more than one guy at a time.  Nothing depletes the friendship stat, and there are other rewards for filling it up other than just getting a Set 2 ending ;)

There are two sets of endings:  Set 1 is the overall bad/good/best ending that wraps up the plot.  Set 2 are the romantic/non-romantic endings.  These can be combined in different ways (unless you get a bad ending, in which case you never get to see the Set 2 endings).  

There's a scene that will be added into early chapter 3 that explains the 'gameplay', so to speak.  Basically it comes down to in order to avoid a bad end, you have to spend time with all three characters.  Putting all your attention on one guy will leave the other two without the sparring/hunting experience they need and they WILL die in the final battle if they don't have that experience--ending your adventure prematurely (about a full chapter before the game is 'supposed' to end).  Even Makani is killable if you aren't careful enough with your choices.
So yes, bad endings aplenty :P

Oh Riu...he tries so hard not to be cute XD  I'm glad you like his appearance too!  I thought it would fit to make him look a little more fabulous striking since his color scheme is essentially monotone as opposed to Vane and Makani's bright, warm colors that help them stand out from the cooler backgrounds and Kameckt's contrasting black, white, and gold.  The races have all been really fun to design, and I wanted to do something different with my merfolk since they're based more on actual sea life than mythology.  I've had a blast world-building for this story!  

Thanks for playing through again!  I'm working on getting the final game out as fast as I can!

Ah yes, hello again!  

The demo was last updated in March--mostly fixing little grammar/spelling/art errors, but I did add close to 8000 words worth of additional content from Chapter 3.  I'm not sure whether or not you would count that enough for a replay or not, but it's there if you're interested :)

And thanks!

Thank you so much for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  A cross-country ocean/road trip is basically exactly what this is, and Vane is absolutely my sea slug disney princess XD  I'm always excited to hear that people like the characters so far.  I've tried to keep the cast balanced between the different personalities.

--I don't have a place I post updates very regularly, I'm afraid.  That's a part of the game development process that I haven't figured out how to handle, yet.  As I get into these last few months before I plan to post the game, I'll probably post more art updates on the lemmasoft WIP forum for the game, but most of the work I've been doing in writing (though it literally just occurred to me that I could be sharing that too, but I haven't been.  Perhaps I should start).  

--I'm writing the rough draft of the last chapter and a half and then I have some unfinished ending scenes.  I've begun work on the remaining sprites (figuring out good poses, and about half them also have lineart), and I've programmed up through half of chapter 3.  I've also changed some of the GUI layout and have some plans to fix up the main menu so more. 

--Makani [mah-kah-nee]
Groriu [groh-ree-oo]
Kameckt [kah-mekt]
Vane [vayn]
Ruim [roo-im]
Tilka [til-kah]
Nikan [nik-an]
Noken [noh-ken]
Kaial [keye-ehl]
Nareen [nah-reen]
And the rest of the cast for the sake of future reference:
Alita [ah-lee-tah]
Enoch [ee-nokh]
Tember [tem-berr]
Nigauti [nih-goo-tee]
Somufe [saw-moof]
Hylli [heye-lee]
Logai [loh-geye]
Yujezu [yoo-jeh-zoo]
Pena [pen-aw]
Thra [thraw]
Arun [a-roon]
Carab [car-awb]
Elval [el-vahl]

Thank you for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I also love the ocean!  It's part of what's made writing this so fun!

By November is the plan.

I'm happy to hear you are interested :D I do plan to release on Mac eventually, I'm just waiting for one or two people to get back to me and make sure it works. There have already been some issues with the Mac version that I wasn't aware would be a problem, so I didn't want to release it until the little wrinkles get smoothed away.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo!

The characters were a lot of fun to design, I'm glad you like them! And I'm really happy to hear that you think Makani is a balanced character (we don't want any boring flat protagonists around here!). I'll go back over the code and script after November, a few people by now have told me on other sites that there are some typos to fix and there are some other details I need to clear up and polish I think too.