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I'm glad you liked it!


Honest reviews with useful feedback are the best kind of review. Thank you for taking the time to write it!

I have updated the asset now. Now all animations have the same frame size: 100x100px. This update also includes a new Throw animation and a shuriken projectile. 

Hope you find this update useful! Thank you for supporting my work :)

Idle 9fps

Run 11fps

Attack 11fps

Special Attack 11fps

Spellcast 11fps

Jump 11fps

Fall 11fps

JumpToFall 11fps

Hurt 11fps

Death 11fps

The frame size in the sprite sheet for the attack animations are 100x100px and 64x64px for the rest of the animations. This should not effect the scale of the character. May I ask which game engine you are using?

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that :)

Looks great!

I appreciate the feedback. I will keep that in mind for the future. If you would like them now you commission me to draw those. Either  way I'm very grateful for the support, thanks!

I'm glad I can be of help! Thanks for supporting my work

Thanks for taking the time to write me your comment. I'm glad to hear that the update was appreciated. Thank you for supporting my work! 

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The downside with having the flask seperated from the attack animation is that I don't know in which direction the flask is currently moving in the game. Therefore I unfortunately can't add a correct looking trail without forcing the developer to rotate the sprite, which would make the sprite look very bad. I would recommend using a particle system to create a trail for projectiles.

Hey! I have now published an update where I have seperated the flask and explosion effects from the throw animation. 

I hope you find it useful!

After a long time of working on this, i'm very happy to announce that the Paladin character asset is now released on my store page

Partying faceCheck it out here:

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, I will keep that in mind

Until 5th of October :)

No worries, thank you for supporting my work and other artists here on Itch! It means a lot to me

Thanks! I will take that into consideration for future character

Yes, so each asset in the Human Faction Bundle is individually discounted by 10%. But if you buy the whole bundle it's a discount of 62%. This bundle will only be available for a limited time.

The pixel heroes bundle is a  bundle that will be available long term. Therefore each assets is not individually discounted, but you can buy the whole bundle with a discount of 40%.

Unfortunately Itch does not support discounts for assets you already own when purchasing a bundle. I have reached out to them regarding this. So nothing special happens when purchasing a bundle with assets you already own.


Yeah, that would be cool! Thank you! :)

Hey, I usually have the hero pack up on sale every now and then on Itch. But I will most likely have up for a much longer this time, if not permanently. It is available now. Thanks for supporting my work! 

This asset was created in Pyxel Edit, so unfortunately not. However, I have uploaded the .pyxel soure file which includes all parts seperated into different layers.

It's fixed

There is not. However, the jump can be used!

Hey! Of course! As a Itch seller I don't have direct control over refunds. But what I can do is contact support with your purchase ID and have them issue a refund. 

Alternatively I can give you access to the Treasure Cave asset pack, since you in a sense already have paid for it.

Let me know how you want to go foward.

Credit is not required, but it's appreciated

Thank you! I usually use 32px per unit.

Thank you! I see, I appreciate the feedback. Changing the pivot point to bottom center when extracting the sprites from the sprite sheets fixes this issue. But I understand that it's not obvious at first glance. Thanks for bringing this up. Will take it in consideration for future releases.

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The melee cultist is 40x42px and the crossbow cultist is 30x42px large

Thanks for sharing this knowledge!

Hey, thanks for pointing that out. I will have it fixed later today! I appreciate that you took the time the notify me about it.

Hey! The size of each frame in the sprite sheet is 80x64px. The sprite it self is about 37x32px.

Pixel Art Summer Sale with 39 characters, 2 environment packs and more at 40% off!

> Buy it here:

Hope you like it!


You can easily resize the sprites and keep their orginal quality by always increasing with the original frame resolution. So for example frame size 64x64px -> 128x128px -> 192x192px -> ...

As of right now I'm not planning on discounting this. Considering the amount of time and hard work spent creating this I see 15$ as a fair price. But for future months, yes it will be included in bundles.

I have never experienced it from the customers end, but I think the money is wasted unfortunately. I would like to change this

Ok, great! :)

I have a question regarding Bundles. If a customer already owns parts of the assets included in a bundle, is it possible to automatically discount those assets from the bundle price? This would be really helpful and save me a lot of hassle. Since I don’t want people to feel punished if they buy the assets when they are not bundled. 

Any help or suggestions is appreciated,

Hello Everyone!

I'm glad to announce a new asset pack, Cultists!  A total of 125 hand drawn frames. Also includes multiple color palettes.

Feel free to check it out here >

Yes, that's on my to do list! If you would like, after I have confirmed your purchase, I could share a free link to you to the itch Empire package. Please reach out to me on email:

Thank you

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Thank you for following my work! I appreciate it a lot. I'm not planning on bundle this at this moment. But for the future, yes! I will do my best to work out some kind of solution to make it so that Itch discounts the future bundle if you were to buy this now

Thank you! I have some cool stuff planned :)