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Hey! Unfortunately not. I put a lot of time and effort into these characters and would ask for payment in return.

The character is about 19x45px big. The size of each frame in the sprite sheet is 100x80px

May I ask which game engine you are using that require that all characters have the same frame size for sprite sheets?

You can email me and let me know which sprite sheets you would like to have resized: 

Thank you. Could you elaborate what you mean by the sprite sizes don't match up? All character sizes are designed to be suited well together

I will keep that in mind for future updates

Thanks! Noted

Check out my profile and you can find lots different characters that together would suit perfectly for the kind of game you are describing. There will be a winter sale soon, so keep that in mind :)

Wall slide is one frame in the Prototype Hero sprite sheet. Then you can find the wall slide dust effects in the dust sprite sheet. The ground slam effect can also be found in the dust sprite sheet.

Absolutely! You can send them to me at my email:
Thank you!

Yes, it also includes a identical sprite sheet without the sword

That's awesome! Thank you for the support. Good luck with the game

Thank you :)

Got an update coming for the towers soon!

That's cool, thanks for sharing!

Good suggestions, I will add it to the backlog

Could be a cool animation to add! 

Hey, unfortunatly that's quite a tricky animation to add. That would mean I would need to split the torso and legs into two separate sprite sheets. I prefer to keep it simple to use and follow what most side scrolls do and prevent moving while attacking. 

You can use the included Unity Package and import it into an empty project to have it all fully setup

Here is a short demo: 


Thank you! Possibly for the future.


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It's about 18x45px in resolution, depending on the animation.
You are free to modify either the full or demo version however you like.

I see, you are also free to modify the demo version.

It's about 18x45px in resolution, depending on the animation.
You are free to modify it however you like.
Not sure what you mean by "revise only the official version". Could you clarify?

Yes :)

Not at the moment, but you can reach out to my email and we can discuss more:

Thank you! Glad to see it put to good use!

About 47x53px, depending on the animation

Sure, go ahead

You can reach out to me on my email and we can discuss custom work:

Sure. You are free to edit the sprite however you like. 

Thank you

Crouch attack is something I consider to add for future updates

That's awesome to see. The character looks great. I'm glad to be of help. Thank you för the support

Thanks! Really appreciate the support :)

Thank you! Looks great :)

Thank you, i'm glad to hear that!

Thank you for supporting my work!

The asset does include a spritesheet without the weapon. Also includes PyxelEdit source file so you can turn layers off/on and edit the asset however you like. Spellcast and bow attack animations are things I would like to add.