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no, it didn't work :(

Highscore: 1. Can't seem to get the timing right.

I found all the cookies. looking forward to Parkcat 2: Back in the Cookie Jar.

I can't right click. Using macbook, idk

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430! Getting shot by an enemy causes 2 damage to the player.

Stuck on the dialog, that says that the girl seems worried. it would make me take a step back then forward and repeat the dialog no escape.

This is great! I'm stuck on level 26, though. 

Wow awesome! that is so much fun! I absolutely pwn'd my brother 20 to 1 lololol.  It's a lot of pressure as the man to make sure the werewolf is trapped. Have you tried giving the human a bit more time. Also can you pick up mis-placed barricades?

NICE AND CLEAN! Seems like pressing up/down key too long makes the paddle keep going after letting go, and makes it difficult to stop accurately.

warioware for hackers!

Awesome! I'm a big fan of Super off road. The arrows are more of an obstacle than help haha  You should keep making local co-op games and package them together.
Could you make it so that someone could play alone? I had to go find a second controller to play. 

I got very satisfied at the expense of ruining the planet :-(

Cool artwork!

No-scope headshots for days.
Cool artwork and music.

It's a tower defense game haha 

Took me a minute to realize it. I think I beat the game ;-)

Always wondered what it'd be like to deliver pizza. I guess now I know haha

Not a bug. I meant trying to get across the screen to get the money always got me killed by hitting a rock, because I was being too greedy haha

As a Stanley Parable fan, the first thing I did was get on the roof, when told to leave the farm haha
Nice job!

Nice! Figured out real quick that you can't collect all the money haha 
nice prototype. Looking forward to the full game.

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weird, but I like it. So do you suck the color from the flowers to keep your health up? Sometimes health regenerated and sometimes not. Also, is the end of the level that giant green blob? Cool artwork kind of like a pixel limbo . You're going to need some funky music/soundfx to match. :-)

Short game, but the artwork is really cool. Awesome style!

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Maybe I'm too dumb, but I can't lock the patio door. I picked up the key, but neither left/right-click works. I tried clicking on the key hole, door knob, and door.  Any hints?
I really like the artwork and music. I can tell a lot of work went into this game!

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Oh jeez, the second room. You got me so good. I was so close to what I thought was the solution, then the block says he doesn't want to go west haha 
I definitely underestimated the puzzle difficulty especially in the third room. Looking forward to more levels!

Also, you should try to implement WASD. The up/down arrows were making my browser window scroll.

I lost to 3 non-existent players haha. cool game. I like local co-op style games.

Oh cool. A random order is a nice touch.

Faithful to the original. I remember rolling the score over at 99,999 and putting it down and saying wtf.

Stutter community · Created a new topic Interesting concept

At least there's a happy ending. Hopefully Jack won't be so much of a jerk anymore. School sucks, but once you become an adult, you'll forget about it. Surprisingly, I connected pretty well with your story line. A lot of times, I repeat the last few words that I just said, and I don't realize it until I'm almost done with the repeat. When I realize that I just said the last two sentences twice, I would pause thinking the other person probably thinks I'm an idiot or weird, and forget what I was saying. I used to let it bother me, but now I just hear myself repeat and move on.

Same issue here, except going to one monitor doesn't fix it. It was showing up in task manager for a second, but after a few tries, it doesn't even do that.

It's a race against the clock as you match the sequence pairs. To get a high score, you have to balance double matches (where after one swap both pairs are correct) and using too much time finding them. The spinning makes it harder, especially when you're trying to go fast! Cool idea.

Cool. It's working now!

Thanks bro!

I don't mind testing stuff.  I figured it out. It's my triple monitor setup. If I only have one screen plugged in it works. I'm using DVI, hdmi, and vga. The DVI and HDMI are on an R9 390 and the vga is onboard intel 4600. Any combo of DVI and another monitor causes it to fail. With dual monitors, I restarted my pc and checked the log. It's still empty. Verified, I do have the latest visual c++ installed. Fresh win10x64pro install from last week. nothing special or changed. No indicators of missing anything. 

Paste the script to pastebin or something and I'll look. Code only does what you tell it to.

I got attacked, and now the character is moving down by itself, pressing up only stops him from moving. Drill function still works. props to Alex on the soundtrack. Nice opening cutscene, too.

It's not a bad thing, but you probably don't want everyone downloading all your code when they just want the game. When you build, save the build to a new folder so you know what is and isn't the project stuff. That makes it easier :-)

I used a boolean checking for contact with ground. A jump makes it false and landing makes it true. When jump input pressed, jump only if boolean is true. A better way is to use a raycast downwards. If distance from ground is less than some value, then jump.

Still no launch. startup log is empty. I have the latest vc_redist.x64 installed.

looks like he's farting lol

I guess getting too close to the edge also results in death?