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Super excited to play this game! I'm planning on streaming it and was wondering if I could monetize the stream? I do plan to play either way as this game just looks too interesting not to! Thanks so much!

Hello! I'm super interested in playing this game and plan on livestreaming it on my channel :D Would it be okay to monetize the stream? (I will play it regardless because this game looks absolutely stunning!)

Just completed the demo and enjoyed it a whole lot!  The music, character design, and story (from what I've experienced) are all so interesting and beautiful :D Can't wait for more!

Hello! I'm so sorry for the SUPER late reply, haha.

Here is the link to my video!

I only have one part so far, but plan to post more. I will only put ads (monetize) if/when I get the okay from you :) Either way, it's a lovely game~ Thank you!

Just started playing this game and I think it's absolutely adorable!! I'll be posting a gameplay on my channel and was wondering if I could monetize? :) Can't wait to play more~