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Feel free to edit or use it for your V-tuber ^^

I just saw this, they look so cute!! ^^

Feel free to use it for your game.

I will keep that in mind for the updated version, thank you for the suggestion! ^^

Thank you for using the sprites, and it's no problem if you use it for commercial release. 

Feel free to edit them.

The male character sprite is free to download, you don't need to pay

Thanks for asking, I might draw half body and full body character in the future

Feel free to make the avatar

I drew this in Clip Studio Paint, I exported it to psd since most of the people more familiar with photoshop document.

The downloaded file is an archived file (zip, rar) so you need to extract the content first using winzip or winrar. The real file should be in psd format.

Feel free to modify/edit this assets.

Thank you!

Thank you for your suggestion, I really appreciate it. 

And yes, I made this one just slightly more mature than my previous female sprite. I plan to make adult looking sprite (30s to 40s) in the future.

Thank you!

Thank you very much! 

If you use photoshop or clip studio, after you finish customizing the sprite, you can export the image to png file with 40% or 50% resolution. Or you can resize the image after you export it to png single image. Hope it helps.

If you dont have the software, I recommend using online psd editor such as photopea.

Thank you very much!

You need to open the psd file using  software such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. If you don't have them, you can try using hope it helps

Thank you too!

Thank you very much!

Very nice and glad you like it! You make a really nice art especially for backgrounds.

And sure! I'd love to do  a collab someday too

Thank you too! Glad you like them.

And good luck for your projects, I'm glad that my assets could be of some help

Thanks and glad you like it.

And that's a nice edit! and feel free to do so ~

Thank you too! Good luck for your project

Thank you for your hard work, it looks great!

Just write my username here, "sutemo", thank you for using my sprites

You're welcome and thank you too!

Thank you very much! Feel free to use them for your project, and just normal credit is ok.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the offer, but I don't take anymore projects this time. Sorry, and good luck for your fangame :)

Thanks for using them, feel free to use with/without crediting :)

Unzip the file, then open it using the software that support psd files such as photoshop, clip studio paint or paint tool sai. If you don't have the software, try using online psd editor such as photopea. Hope it helps

Hi, thank you and feel free to use my sprites.

And sure! I'd love to see it once it's done, good luck for your project!

Thanks! You can use it for your project, both personal use and commercial use. You can also edit it freely (change colors, add more feature, etc) This is a free sprite but there's a paid option which you can download another version with more features. 

Thank you! Glad you love 'em

If you have the female v2, try to copy the color edit layer to the male psd file.

If you still confused, please let me know

Sure! Feel free to edit the sprites

Thank you!

Thank you for using my sprites!  And I find your starting tutorial of the game really interesting, keep it up!