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I don’t think i’ll be able to make my version of this nowhere near as good as this one but i’ll do it anyway 

sorry for being inactive lol. I’ll get to some of the suggestions starting now, I just haven’t been motivated to do anything  at all lately but i’m bored so lets do this 

Oh sorry i didn’t see this post, i’ll do it tonight 

I was asked to :p


Blend S

Aight i’ll do it later

I know exactly how to do this now lol, i’m going to start 

i think you forgot to add the image lol, i don’t see it either 

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Look he looks 19 now 

you too :))

Here’s a way better version of this drawing, There are two reasons i did this lol. 1. I got bored. 2. The drawing is clearly low effort so why not make it better :))


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Not as good as the original above but i wanted to draw it anyway lol

I’ll do it after i draw b o oba


thank you :))

i might redraw it to make it look better tomorrow lol but thank you :))

thank you lol. You can do whatever you want with the picture it’s yours now 

and with this drawing I learnt how to make blushes in Ibis paint lol. If you want, i can “attempt” to edit for you lol. Other than that, i’m pretty much finished so here you go :))

I shit the bed looking at this 

the cat is using it’s nose to smel

I almost had a stroke drawing the hands. It’s so hard drawing on your phone with one finger lmao. Sorry if the drawing looks funny, if you like, I could redraw it otherwise, this is the drawing

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sup, me again lol. Since you’re gonna stay up late for this (I know the feeling) can you to try to draw  my oc.  I really like your artstyle so it’d be pretty mad to see lol. Here’s a reference

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i’m gonna take a break from this drawing since its so hard lmao. But here is the progress so far, if you want any changes you state them here and i’ll get to work otherwise, i’ll hopefully have this finished tonight. The hands are gonna be so tricky but i’m gonna get them right lol 

give us the fuckin card 

the glitchy effect makes it hard to see lol 

it only  just hit me that this is gonna be one of the hardest drawings i’m going to do, but imma commit lol 

Sorry if i’m a bit late but it’s done lol 

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Ok, i’ll do this one tomorrow as it’s 2 am for me rn lol 

alright i’ll do that tomorrow 

do you want me to add colour to the drawing, it’ll take longer to do, about an hour and a half but it’ll look a bit nicer. Either i’ll be able to do this one tomorrow if thats ok :)

thank you <:

happy wittle onigiwi

actually better question want me to colour this for you, it’ll hopefully look nicer but the process will take a hella long time 

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I hope you don’t mind the redesign i gave him, I can’t draw jackets for shit so I gave him actual ears, hope this works for you <:

excuse me but that’s a “he”?

I just got an idea, if “you”  ask for your pictureto be drawn and you ask for it to be coloured, i’ll draw on paper first than do it digitally, then it can be coloured, ask me if you want this is any future drawings otherwise i’ll decide whether it should be digitally coloured of not lol. This will also make drawing a hell of a lot longer so yeah there’s that 

i’ll do it after i finish the others lol