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At first when I started playing, I thought the game was so so broken (because of the randomised powerups!!
but then I stopped being an idiot and actually read through the tutorial

I thought a lot of the game was very interesting, such as:

  • being able to 'block' chopstick-shots with the ball if you anticipate right
  • the presence of a "story mode" in a pong game XD
  • the interesting powerups (the barrier wall, for example, that saved me so many times when I was stunned)
  • the cute theme (though graphics in general could leave just a little more effort to be desired)

This doesn't LOOK like "a lot", but it's a relatively small game.

I think that the 'randomised powerups' thing was the only thing that made this game not quite GOOD good, as the random factor makes them less like 'powerups' and more like 'gamechangers'. The ideal strategy would be to AVOID the sushi completely, and I feel that this is a shame because I love sushi and I want to collect them, not avoid them!!

(Minor detail: including a timer for the stun or smth would be mucho helpful, but it's nothing major that I would riot for just cos it's not there)

Regardless, the story mode was not overwhelming difficult, and I found the last stage to be the most challenging and the most fun because the AI seemed to be actually posing some kind of challenge, not just winning because of random luck powerups.

tl;dr The game has lots of potential if more effort was put into it, and if the developer learns his parameters better, but for such a short, simple game I enjoyed it for what it was.

Thanks for making the game!

Tora is my favourite so far!!! 
I think it would be good if you fixed the typos and run a spellcheck as much as you can, it really subtly improves the quality of the game!