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I can't believe I steered clear of your games for so long!

I kept getting recommended them but never bothered to give any a try, they felt "generic" to me. Then this one came along and I decided it looked worth trying.

I booted it up and after beating it I'd say I had a good time, the berry mechanic was super slow and not very fun to deal with but once the ball got rolling I was never hurting for berries. I remember getting up for some food and I had like 100 berries when I got back thanks to the helper.

The characters made me want to keep playing, the calming music and art style helped to get me in the mood for just chillin' out and picking berries which was great to unwind to. 

The only gripe I have is that there doesn't seem to be enough of it. The plot-lines wrap up either too early or just perfect, which is great! But I find myself wanting more of each plot line. I'm not sure if it was difficult to write the story because you could turn in the berries in any order, either not knowing or knowing a character ahead of time, which could've been why each plot seemed so self-contained.

Honestly it was really fun, and it's made me look up for more Visual Novels than I did. (I mainly steered clear of them, I might try making my own using my own makeshift engine sometime?)

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I didn't even think this dog shit would ever get an upgrade


I saw you in that Game Jam and was suprised to find that you made this game. I remember playing it so long ago and ended up beating it a year ago finally after going out of my way to hunt it down. 

Awesome stuff, high quality shitpost.


thanks for the support

Good shit, been waiting for Nintendo to make their best platformer genre since Super Mario Sunshine.

Glad to see someone loves how much of a dumbass Wario is.

the game card we'd be using was some rando's

not a chance in hell I'm losing my action replay codes to spongebob's fiery demise


thanks. I didn't know that there were that many implications set by the creator "franko" upon his death in 2002 after performing a dark art which resulted in this edit to his creation. if only I had known about this sooner we could've saved the eon station with the game card of course.. none the less, keep your computer on

heck yeah

The game was made primarily as a joke between the multiple creators (from what I understand), I don't think it was meant to carry whatever merit you think it was meant to hold. It's a joke game, through and through, from what I can see, tell, and I've played, it's nothing but jokes. 

I got a good chuckle out of it, and I enjoyed the art. I don't think you expected what everyone else expected.


Very nice games!

Looking forward to playing them once I gather the money, "Enforcer Manifesto" and "Taxi Astronaut 3D" especially. 

Good work!

Yeah it's understandable. Good luck on your endeavours anyways! Hope to see what you can create.

I thought the point of this project was to be on clickteam just for shits and giggles to really  feel like you are getting that primitive doom expierence.

Bummer dude, but best of luck on your project.

international scare

I downloaded it a few days ago and finally got around to beating it today, really fun and I'm suprised there were a lot of people calling this difficult.

Keep up the good work dude.

I've actually beaten a lot of the johnny games, and I wanted to see if you would want to join the "SUNFISHIES" discord.

A lot of the people who were involved or like KUBUS are in there and I believe it would be a nice fit.

Send me a message at Durdge-o#4285 on discord if you wanna talk.

hello yes

are you indeed a fan of the "JOHNNY" series by "KIMBERLY KUBUS"

nice games friend

nice jame