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Take care of yourself. A game can wait, your health is more important. Hope you are feeling better

No need to apologize. 

I’ll contact you when you get it done then :)

Hm, I don't want to post my username in the open. Would you happen to have a discord for beta testers? Then you could post the link and it'd be easier for future beta testers to communicate/join.

Just a heads up, I think there is a bug in the code. If you choose the long haired Palmier  plus she/her pronouns and go to church you still get called "the Palmier boy" (or something like that, can't recall the exact phrase) by one of the background extras.

When looking for the cat Lyall says  "mam", should be "ma'am".
In our first encounter with Thane, Quill says: "Thane! How are you my friend?" should be "How are you, my friend?"

Anyway, love your art and if you are looking for beta testers/editors I'd like to help :) There is more stuff to edit, but I don't want to make a giant post.

Nothing wrong with straight up asking your audience, how else would you know what we really want? Many game studios get told, but reject players wishes. You are out there taking notes.

Personally, for me to join patreon I'd like be able to participate in polls of events/scenarios that could be added to the game, seeing more of the art process and game creation process (how each character was created, what prompts were given to the artist, what were other iterations of the characters that weren't chosen, etc). Basically stuff I wouldn't be able to get otherwise, even after the game launched... the bts, helping shape the game, the how it's done...

No problem :)

There’s a typo there. Change “Columbian” to “Colombian”. 

Take all the time the two of you need.

I tried to play, but when I ran it the game opened way too big. So big that I was looking mostly at the lower right corner. I saw a piece of some buttons and click on the lowest one. And the game closed, so that was probably the exit one.

Any ideas on why the game open oversized?

Thank YOU for the game! ^-^

The comments weren’t lying, this is really good!

Great writing that just keeps pulling you in. Great job!

Aw, this is a lovely game. Hope there are more like this on the way :)

The art is wondeful :)

Woah, there. You should put “suicide” as a trigger warning. 


Also the whole “they took their life and it’s your fault” is extremely messed up.

From the looks and comments, I really expected a lighthearted game. 

Take care of yourself and your family first. We can wait. Your health and well-being is more important. Hope you are safe and stay so.

You’re welcome!

This is so pretty. You did a really good job! ^_^

This is so kind of you. Thank you!

Oh. Thanks for explaining :)

Congratulations on getting fully funded! I’ll keep an eye on the kickstarter to see how many stretch goals can be achieved :)

What does DMR stand for?

Really? That makes me so happy! On the demo you can only play as a guy. 

I’m so so happy! :D Thank you

It looks interesting! Too bad we can only play as a guy. It’s a little disappointing there’s not an option to choose your gender. But I’ll still follow the updates.

The sound was great. Really didn´t expect it. It allows the player to really get immersed in the game and have you tense up.

The only thing that I didn´t like was that there were no footsteps or the footsteps didn´t sound like it. But that´s a really small thing. 

Really great audio.

My favorite is Shining Nova. In a world where superheroes are eager to punch everyone as much as possible... why do you stop to have a tranquil chat with Stan? What is behind the mask?

I wanna know.