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Epic work here...overall feel is a solid 10...sound design is done really well...guns are punchy, sign me up for the full release.

Solid game..I am terrible at these type of games addition of a restart button might be great! other than that..its great

Had a Blast playing this!! Looking forward to the rest.

Hi there, I seem to be having a problem where clicking on play simply gives me a view of what seems to be buildings.

The feel of this game is epic....found slinging the bear across the room way more entertaining than i probably should is well done and audio super well done....Would definitely recommend this.... 10/10

EPIC!!! This game is awesome......11/10 easy. I love the fact that it makes me feel like an instant badass!!! should this ever release, i wanna be first in line.....

Glad you enjoyed it, and appreciate you playing.

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Hi, Not dumb at all. By pressing the R key.

Thank you, yes Urbex was definitely a spark to what the game is.

Thank you for playing and even more for the constructive feedback. I really appreciate it. 

care to elaborate?

Thank you, I just assumed its an unreal Appreciated.

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has played the game, made youtube videos and posted comments...I am overwhelmed and super grateful for every single one..THANK YOU. I am trying to watch and comment on everyones videos, its just taking a while.

First, Thank you for playing. Secondly, thank you for such an informative comment they really help out plenty. I am glad you enjoyed the demo, it gives me an immense amount of motivation to complete the full game. Cheers

Thanks for giving it a try....glad you enjoyed playing.

Thank you. I am planning on doing a full game in time. Thanks fotlr the play through

Many thanks. Im glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you, regarding the story...this is a prequel to "the actual" story where you play as a backup officer looking for the missing detective(the officer in the demo)...again thanks for giving it a try.