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Really had fun and am looking foward to more. I did stumble onto a few bugs though. (Game 3)

Worst job interview I've done, though it was fun. (Game 2)

Interesting enough, very abrupt ending though. (Game 1)

Don't do it, just don't. I told you not to do it, why are you doing it?

Game good, me bad

crown of concrete? must be heavy.

Really great, especially for a first game!

Really good for a 10 day dev time.

Just clean bro, its your job.

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Surprisingly enjoyable,  also might as well post a link to my video.

Dystopicon community · Created a new topic Did a redo

Since I both broke the game and didn't really get what to do the first time arround, so I just played throught it again.

Thanks, I have no ideah how I broke it but I guess I did, and sure i'll play it again.

I like it.

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Well I guess I forgot to post the (Low quality) video I made here soooo...:

Edit: I forgot to mention that I love the game.

I kinda made a short video on it but its really more just a glorified update. Here's said video.

Thanks for the very small hint, and I do hope development goes well!

Already posted under"I love it!" but i'll post it here anyway

Them and Us Demo community · Created a new topic I love it!

I liked the demo enough to record it .