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Oh ok it's just the keyboard would disappear and it wouldn't say if the code was right or wrong

How do we know when the cheats are active?

ah ok ill just need to go look for my old iPhone then 

Any chance it'll be uploaded to android? And whens the next update

What is a trojan?

Do I need to uninstall or what because its not letting me update the game it just says app failed to install

Oh thank you

oh thats a shame would've loved to see them in Christmas hats and stockings but good job with the other game as well I really enjoyed playing it 

Having trouble finding the second picture for the goat any hints?

dang I was hoping for a Christmas special but I will wait cause I love the game

Next update?

Both android links don't work for me 

Is there a way to install the new update without using mega?

There a andriod version?

Thank you for replying I will be back when ot releases

Thank you

Still kinda confused on the narrative

Is there animated scenes or is it just photo

is there animations or just images 

Andriod release?

Great story

I talked to Anna but nothing happene

Which download is which

Do the updates automatically go to the app or do I need to reinstall the app

Is there a way to transfer my save game to the new version or do I have to start over again?

Does the new update contain anything new to the story

I got it down to 75 in my play through

Yes please make this for andriod