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I came back after 3 years, it lost the 2nd player's keyboard control. I wanted to show this to my little sister, and play it with her. But, I guess no more. ;(

wish it has local multiplayer where we can steal each other's stuff or we can help each other in endless mode but still another great game

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I Love this update, its hilarious.

Me and my friends just keep throwing javelins .

but i think the block and the attack (forward) switch places, the blocks are right arrow key and the attack is left arrow key IN singleplayer (WASD)

It would be even cooler if they have combos like when you press down and up at the same time the guy will swing his sword from the bottom to top. Please make this happen.

Thank you very much

I want to play this with my two friends, but the sad thing is I only have one controller right now so can you add the second player on the key board very soon?