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Just stopping by to say, I played this as part of Essays on Empathy and was completely blown away at how unique it is, how unlike any other adventure game I've ever played.

If there's any plan to make this a full-fledged game in the vein of Red Strings Club, know that I'll have my wallet ready! And if there's no plan to do that... why not? This is brilliant!

Thanks :) Was hoping for something text-based so I can play while reading, but if this is what's out there I'll go with it

Hello! Just wondering if there's a guide/walkthrough for the game, I like to do a second run with more complete information... 

So... I have to say this, it is not okay that a paid DLC faction has the exact same abilities, buildings and permanent upgrades as both the Death and Human factions. I get that this game is minimalist and small-scale by design, but at the same time you're spreading it over three identical campaigns - that's a significant inconsistency in what this game is supposedly about, and I can't honestly say I'd recommend it because of that. 

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Just curious: are there only the five endings? Because looking over the trailer, I realized I hadn't seen that shot of the white demon smiling or the woman in black in front of the church - were those cut from the game or are they secrets? (I thought I was being smart by leaving the gun and going after Amy without it, but that's not the way...)

Also, this might be giving away too much, but is there a point to the note you find at the very end (the ritual instructions with all the asterisks), or is it just meant to hint at what happens in ending 3?