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i want it to be endless tho so am not making it 10.10

10.5/10 i am just mowing them down

honestly, its very hard for me but i've gotten the hang of it great graphics and btw the best i played so far

this game is something to replace on my games best 9.9/10 just waiting for the full release:)

finally i found a game like this

this is a THICCC yes 

big respec

awesom 9.8/10

this is a good games but ts easily to get lost in the level and fall down

awesome graphics and movements, please make more levels :)

i am stuck on remote data loaded in the opening screen, i waited for hours but it wont let me in.

wish it was FREEEEEEE!

so i could play it all week

very cool

cool love the ragdoll

keep up the good work :)

very cool fps action game

Graphics not bad actually a fun game