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Good game, voted for it in PGX. Found a bug that makes you throw bombs too far away, only happenned once and fixed after dying. Also floor should be a bit less slippery. A possible feature would be combos while attacking (like the fourth attack mini stuns the opponent) and capability of throwing bombs a bit further. Hope to see how the game progress :)

  • dibuzapping , thanks for reporting, reuploaded the source code, now you can valorate the game.
  • puppetmaster , thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the game and the art, I was going to add a settings menu to adjust the combo speed, but run out of time.

Sorry for that, i'm uploading it, also fixed a bug, please redownload

Yes :D, i found it here: http://freesound.org/people/fchemotti/sounds/25522...
Also, just discovered the code is only compatible with 2.0.3, have changed it to work with 2.0.4 or greater (but not updated yet), I will continue the bug hunting.

Updated the binary earlier (soldier bug was only in binary) , but forgot to update source, now it should work fine, please redownload the game and thanks for being the first people to play my game,