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Thanks, ants only receive opposite color (3 hits needed).  Initially wanted to make the reactor explode if overheat and become gray (stopping working) if it was below temperature.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!, wish I had more time to tweak sizes and difficulty.

Thanks! I adjusted the difficulty since in last game jam I received several complaints about it being too hard. Ants can be killed by shooting them 3 times with the opposite temperature.


Yes, itchio shouldn't block submitting it, hope admins help us

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I also had the draft mode problem, made it before the time:

Tried several times, but it didn't upload on time, I think only a host can help me

Seems it wasnt public due to itchio, and after making it public there were only 5 seconds left...

Seems itchio didnt allow me to upload, can an admin help me, i tried in the last minute

  • dibuzapping , thanks for reporting, reuploaded the source code, now you can valorate the game.
  • puppetmaster , thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the game and the art, I was going to add a settings menu to adjust the combo speed, but run out of time.

Sorry for that, i'm uploading it, also fixed a bug, please redownload

Yes :D, i found it here:
Also, just discovered the code is only compatible with 2.0.3, have changed it to work with 2.0.4 or greater (but not updated yet), I will continue the bug hunting.

Updated the binary earlier (soldier bug was only in binary) , but forgot to update source, now it should work fine, please redownload the game and thanks for being the first people to play my game,