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make a mac version

It's been reversed. I'll probably keep using unity for a while.

please add a mac port thx

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major flaw: if you shoot the middle square of enemies the ball will go right through because the enemy's y value is the same as the ball's


fun to kick the leaves around :)

lesgooooooooooo tysm

cool i might use

I missed the deadline by about 2 minutes noooo

Just wanted to share what i made anyways

this is very unpolished :p

very unpolished

did you end up making the game or no?

I'll let you decide which one was better. Once again, sorry for your disqualification, :/

yes please

other than a different one

there was 1 submission.

Can you add a mac download

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the art is amazing :) 5/5 for art 3/5 for gameplay because there's not much. in total, 4/5

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is that the entire game?

Once again, sorry i disqualified you i just need it to be fair for all users. You could capture a video and send that to me though instead of calling me.

it's in the rules... sorry!

or mac and linux downloads

you must add a webgl download or you will be disqualified

you dont have to do pico-8 or based of of celeste classic

quite buggy but cool! XD It is good for being made so quickly

maybe just make a community post linking your game

lol i decided i wanted to make the game in 1.5 hours :/ thx

Send me your game afterwards and i will let people rate it ;)

I don't know, i was running out of time and just didn't want you to escape the main area

it was intentional but i didn't have time to work much on it

Nice game, cool concept. At the start it is a bit boring because there are not many enemies, but it is quite fun after a while. :)

Good game, very simple. The movement of the dragon is a bit jittery, but overall it is fun.

This is gonna win no doubt. I didn't finish because my game was not simple, but it is games like this that always win.

ancient cultures but it didn't quite work

I will give you another day


oh yea sry

games made in with this

no problem! i didn't finish my first 2 game jams...

oh! it is a small thing but i guess yea