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Great tool wirth the $3 tip, I no longer need to convert gif into iff in PPaint and can make\update my sprites in aesprite on the fly while testing in AMOS in WinUAE 👌

My only wish is if I didnt need to navigate the file path each time I save changes "scripts > Export to iff" in aesoprite, don't know if that can be addressed in the future? A re-export option where it can some how get the file path from the sprite you're editing?

This is looking good, I agree that working solo really makes it hard to know if you're making the "correct" decisions\progress when it come to adding features and knowing if A,B,C is fun\intuitive for others.

Thanks for playing.

Some have posted solutions on steam 

Hi - no sorry you'll just get the DRM free download to install, it is available on steam for $1... well it will be once Steam fix a problem with the page not displaying the Buy button, this should be fixed very soon.

What a charming little diversion. 

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Thanks for taking the time to make and post a video, I have changed the description to better suit the play time.

It was complied and tested on 10.11, does it crash the whole MAC or just the application? Thanks for playing.

That was my initial plan, to have jealous leprechaun's (if you cant make it as an xmas elf the next best thing is a leprechaun), if they touched you long enough they would steal an item from you, you would fight them off with the candy cane. Sadly time got in the way.

Bah! I thought I had caught all those, issue was with an invalid character introduced when i spell checked the in-game text, I have just gone through and checked and doubled checked all in game text and found\fixed all of them. Download updated.

Great tool, does exactly what it says it does.

thanks for trying it out, others have mensioned hitboxes so I try and update soon with then adjusted a little bit.

thanks Mike I'll look into the menu bug and if Io have time look into reducing the hitboxes just a wee bit.

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Thanks for all the positive comments.

@ Benal & Mike_c / I though I was being too generous with the hit boxes TBH, but I guess as the designer I know what they are and can account for them while playing, I'll see if I can make time to go back and adjust them ever so slightly.

@ mike_c / pressing down on menus - I'll see if that's a bug and fix it. Also yes music changes further into the game.

@ thevlasinator - it uses a virtual resolution so runs at your desktop resolution but it's all scaled up to look like it's running in 256x192 resolution.

BTW for those interested my game are made using BlitzMax ( ) which has recently gone free and open source.

Thanks for trying it out. Sadly i'll need to copyright claim your lets play :p j/k