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James D.

A member registered Nov 12, 2017

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They basically already have that, just look around in the 'weapons' section of the bot lab.

The new electronics system is great.

try the latest bleeding edge build if you haven't already

That's exciting, this game is definitely heading in the right direction. Heck, in its current state, it's the best robot combat simulator available.

For example, a weapon spinning at a high rpm feels odd when it comes to a sudden stop against the wall or floor. It just seems a little bit more realistic if the weapons kind of bounce the bot away from the surface it struck if the bite depth wasn't great enough to exert all of the force.

Any idea if the next build will fix the issue of heavy spinning weapons coming to a sudden stop when hitting the walls or the floor (and sometimes opponents)?

The game is looking fantastic as of the August 6th build. Great work!!

Art takes time, I understand. I have waited over 10 years for something like this, I can wait a little longer.

I agree,  I keep checking this page for the update. 

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I am excited for the next build. Great work on this.