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GET THE VERMIN! This was a really cool concept and and interesting take! 

This was such an experience and i'm happy to support such an amazing developer! I was very invested in the characters and their feelings! 

It's too real son! Wish there was more to do but really epic to see Sirenhead in high definition and higher quality! skip to 5:06 for the unreal reals!

Sirenhead is a such a cool and scary character! Loved the little teaser this game gave of the spooky boi! 

Such a cute and wonderful little game! I adore the artstyle and the script! They are some cuties! 

I have to say, this game was really good! I loved the mechanics of entering people's troubles and putting them at ease and such! Cannot wait to see more! 

Will you get on the last train to get home? Was interesting! Still don't know what the story was truly about but loved the open endedness of it! 

This game was such a mental experience! Hope to see it fully fleshed out! Also if you don't wanna see the first game and came for the juicy gameplay of this game but jump right to 9:14!

Dude, ramen is dope so therefore this game was dope. Was a really cool idea! Would love to see more development on it! Was too short! Also I know just posting big videos without time stamps are big annoying! So skip to 26:07 for the actual gameplay! 

I absolutely loved the art style of this game! Really cutesy until Akano wants to see it all! 

TRASH PANDA ON A SKATEBOARD. And that is all I have to say about it. It's amazing and I love the retro vaporwave feel, very chill!

Earth dwellers, tis I the 1 aliens!

I had a good time playing this game and had a good chortle from just typing 1s haha! We need to save Thomas!

Do you want a little sparkle? Killmonday games is amazing and Little Misfortune is FULLY out! So what are you doing here? Go and experience the full madness and adorableness of this game!

Burrrr its so cold in here! But welcome to Shiver! A cool lil point and click game that is the last game I play in the video! Uber eerie and spoopy with very humorous comments from the player! Enjoyed a bunch! 

Hewwo Earth dwellers! I played more than ONE scary game and this time around we have special guest Unaware! Many thanks to the developer that reached out and told me about the game! Didn't finish because i'm a fat dumb shit! 

Hello #SatanStans and lets verify Satan on twitter! This was a super short but interesting game! Very eerie and funky! 

This game deals with some heavy topics and Angela He shows them properly and fantastically like all of their games do. The artstyle is always lovely and the message strong! 

Very unique gameplay and really gives games like this a good story element! Cannot wait to see what you make in the future! His animations are super dope and no doubt this game was real fun to play! 

This game is absolutely BREATHTAKING! It was great dating God i mean Keanu Reeves!

Such  nice and unique gameplay and experience! Conveyed a strong message about relationships and how they rise and they fall! 

What a fun and cool game to show how the OLD MAN STICKS IT TO THEM YOUNGUNS!

Buenos DIA! This game was super fun and the little spoops got the blood pumping! 

I decided to play this amazing developer and artist's really cool first game! And was a blast! 

What a cute dark little game! Cannot wait for the full release to see where Little Misfortune takes us!

Are you crazy enough to use your imagination? 

Woof woof, where is my roof?

WaNt A sPrItE cRaNbErRy? This was a very fun little indie horror game! A lil buggy but that's what made the game a little fun! 

Who will you kill? 

This was a super fun game and I loved the art style and the transitions to each new situation! 

Have you ever woke up and thought, "this isn't my skeleton" ? Well, this girl did. 

Episode 2 was awesome! Loved episode 1 and waiting for hopefully another episode! The ending reminded me of something from Saints Row 4! Overall really eerie and interesting!

This is a really cool concept! 

What a spoopy and creepy game to play during the Halloween season!

Nobody's perfect, don't hide your imperfections, you are enough! A really cool concept!


Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be addicted to one night stands? It's all in this playthrough! It was a super fun game and seeking other endings and stuff was uber fun! 

Have you ever wanted to see Mr. Number 1 himself? Smitty Warbenjagermanjenson! This game was super fun but a tiny bit too dark! 

Don't mind me! Just your friendly neighborhood drunk here to liven up the party!


ARGH LADDIES! Welcome aboard the ship! In this game you have to manage the deck and swab the hens and chickens off whilst they are rebreeding! It's fun laddie, you can do it! 

IMAGINE a Simpson's episode made by the Game Grumps! This game was cool but the controls and the lighting weren't complimenting the game and it's premise! A great concept and wonderful A+ voice acting from Dan and Arin themselves but oof that lighting!