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What an absolute gem! Top notch writing, graphics, music, and puzzle design!

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What a fantastic game! Had a quick go today, but hope to dig into it properly later. I love the visual style!

One small note; the tutorial didn't cover which buttons to press. It's a very small thing, but since the game is so intuitive otherwise it would be great if it mentioned which buttons do what. (I know I can read it on this page, but still.. :) )

Thanks, that's great to hear!

Phew! Good to know! It's hard to judge the difficulty level on these small projects, so glad to hear you're happy!

That's some impressive flying there, pilot! Maybe we made the game too easy! :D

Excellent, another new great gem you got hidden there :D

Sorry for bombarding you with feature requests, but here is another one!

I am trying to make a very detailed background, but trying to get rid of characters that are only used once - in order to be really efficient with my character use. It would be great if the info bar in the Character Set window also showed the number of times a character was used!

Here's a mockup of how it could be:


Thanks :)

After using CharPad Pro pretty extensively the past days, I miss a couple things on the file side:

- It would be nice to have a list in the File menu of recent projects.

- A regular save would be great, that is a save that just saves over the current project file.

- And some way of knowing if the current project has unsaved changes would be vital in m opinion. I think the Windows standard is to have an asterisk * after the project name in the top menu bar?

I accidentally lost several hours of work because I thought I had saved, and was used to working in other programs having that mentioned asterisk...

Didn't know you could do that. Fantastic, that solves it for me!

I have another feature suggestion that I think would really speed up drawing. When I paint characters on the Map Editor, I switch between the Picker and Brush constantly to get and put characters. I would prefer to have the cursor in the area I am working, and not go up to the tool bar constantly. How about adding a feature similar to Photoshop eye dropper shortcut, where you can press ALT to temporarily switch to the Picker while in Brush mode?

Great to hear. Cheers!

Would you consider adding keyboard shortcuts for choosing which colour to draw? For example, it would speed up drawing quite a bit if you could use keys 1-5 for choosing the current colour.

I'm happy to support projects like this! 

It would be great if you could consider some simple pixel paint functionality at some point. I find that theres a lot of back-and-forth into the tileset when creating a map, so it would be nice to just do minor tweaks without opening another package. Also, at the moment I am upgrading the tileset of a vintage game, the tiles are a mess and its almost impossible to understand them without seeing the changes in the map, and seeing which tiles goes where in realtime.

I know that doing a pixel-editor can open a can of worms in terms of functionality, but some basic pixel placing would be enough I think :)

Hi! I just made a donation, this looks like a great piece of software. I can't find a way to edit the tiles themselves on a pixel-by-pixel-basis! Is there functionality for this? 

Sounds great!

Hi. Is there a way to convert the .bin and .eep files into something more common like .crt? I purchased the game yesterday, but would like to be able to play it on Virtual C64 on my Mac and VICE on my Raspberry Pi (RetroPie).