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Someone helped me on the Discord. 
So in case it happen to you, the reason is that you have to settle behind the white line in an other territory.

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I cannot create more than one city. This is really annoying.
The other settlers only go to the first city.
Where can I find a tutorial or any explanation about the mechanics ?

"the ability to unlink slipways" 

I'm not sure about this. It would change the gameplay a lot.

Is this an Android clone ?

Adding different items that have exactly the same purpose is adding complexity for nothing.

Haha yes that would be more like a mod for trading / setup businesses and an other one for battles / war.

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Add ladders please.

The parrot idea is really good.

Cosmic Rochambo community · Created a new topic No sound ?

Is it normal that there is no sound ?
I'm on Win10

Oh ok I didn't see this feature on the list.
I didn't look for that name.

I'm surprise it haven't been requested :
Sound and Music options
At least the possibility of turning off the music that is repetitive and annoying in fast mode.