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Could you please make a Mac/Linux version? It's not that hard with Unity.

but it dont support keyboard

yea probably.

Create a scrollX and a scrollY variable, and use those for the map location. Then just increment those by 1/8 per 1 x/y change.

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Maybe. They could probably make a runner only version that doesn't contain any editors or anything and have that be a cart export option(This would actually be really nice for all platforms), and for iOS it would just create an Xcode project with a TIC-80 framework and the cart file(with the uncompressed code block removed so as to not take any unnecessary chances) that you can just build and upload.

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Idk. It's kinda tricky due to Apple having the iPhone pretty locked down, and even keeping your apps up on the store is like $100/year so the developer probably can't do it because it would be too expensive.

If you have a Mac or other way of running Xcode, you can compile the non-pro version yourself and put it on an iPhone, but you'd have to load it back on every week or so

I am wondering if the pro version can export to a Raspberry Pi executable. If so, does it work with most controllers. If not, why not add it. I would totally buy it for that.