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Holy shit! It's antônio explosão for the PC Computer, available on and Steam!

A new build will come out soon... But when i do, i swear i will try to get this to MFGG, possibly, i guess.

I'm interested in seeing Elderjam be an actual complete game, after all, this was made in just 10 days.

The server was fuckin' WIPED FROM EXISTENCE. It doesn't exist anymore.

Bro cry to ur mommy we don't care

No shit sherlock.

Congratulations Bepmaster, you are an piece of shit. You killed off R. H. E. just for this fucking piece of crap. That also got (hopefully) cancelled. Ooooh you can't do anything right can you?


I heard you can run Windows applications on Mac using a program called "Wine"... However, i'm not sure if this game WILL work on Wine if there is any external dll files that mac can't install.

what the-

Yeah i do

If you want to report something strange or a bug, please reply to this comment.

"not rulers you" nice english bro

Hmm, HTML5 can work... i hope.

Did you check the internet connection or the disk space left?

Go. Home.

G o o d !

lol i can only expect a jumpscare in a spooky mod

i'm really suspicious about this mod....

....hmm.... why do i smell something wrong here?

ye- (coughing.mp3) PISS GOAFL 69TH THE SEX

le round pep

you hit the jump button or either slap

i lost development in this mod lmao

i'm already getting fucking deaf and getting my braincells killed with the other update no thank you

i'm gonna give you a hint: bad ending is in hell. so...

"baby puro" -someone

good gaem

Own an Windows 7 OS

hey Beter

please add the weird photoshoped Grinch as background in the page pls

Bye Bye, Super Pizza Tower Bros....

Lol just the title alone i just thought about this one shitpost music Mr. Sauceman made once: