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Another awesome generator!

Is it possible to export the floor plan to graphic?

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Love the integration / collaboration. MFCG continues to be my favorite map tool

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Awesome update. I don't know how easy it was to add this from a development perspective but the "simple" addition of colored sections has already vastly improved the aesthetic of the maps

One suggestion / wish list item - you already spoke about adding a topography editor for water for the desktop app (if you make one which is still very "omg i hope i hope" for me), but for the online version an option to reliably put the river through the city would be great

Options for smaller waterways in the city would be even nicer but just getting even the main river through the city reliably would be cool 

Thanks for all the work you keep doing on this!

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1. Love the fact that you're considering a richer desktop application. Am very much looking forward to this and hope that it becomes a reality. Especially with the features you're talking about adding I'm sure it will sell like hot cakes and you have an expectant customer in me

2.  I am especially excited for the "viewing and exploring" section. The ability to in-app use icons, labels, and highlight wards sounds like a dream

3. Cheers for wanting to also keep up the online free generator alongside the desktop app

4. Overwhelming support and thank you for the work you've done to date. I see I'm far from the only person to have found a great deal of use from this generator. I joined just to follow and rate this dev/project