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It took me 5 hours to run this game with 3 people. Other than that this was my first Gmless game and it ran amazing. I loved it. We played a group of Russian Spetsnaz investigating an anomaly deep in a German forest. We all went nuts and either ended up assimilating with the anomaly or dying. Lots of fun and everyone involved had a blast. 

Ah that makes sense. I was wondering as I could not see the point of it really lol.

This is really cool, I love the design. I'm all about the tables and the weapon table especially is awesome. Quick question about the 'Defense Fumble Crit Locations' image. I am not really certain what I am looking at. I get that each number is a location but I am confused as to what to do with most of the numbers. I'm not certain what most of the numbers would narratively mean vs the others. The teeth and temple make plenty of sense though.

This is awesome. I hope the full version comes out eventually. I already want to run a mushroom themed mini-campaign