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I tested them out, the blink step was the best for me. I noticed that with VR moving foreword works best. When the movement changes based on the controllers direction or look direction it start the motion sickness. Any artificial movement that is not foreword facing makes me nauseous.

Elevation change was a big one, as soon as I moved up the stairs or down, it was nasty and had to stop.

I got an idea for you. On the touch pad button press start moving the player in the foreword direction they are looking. But allow the freedom to look without any change in direction. Then when the button is released stop the foreword motion. The speed should be slow, maybe at walking speed or even slower.

I got a feeling that could work and it should be simple to build.

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Took a quick look at CAOTS, got motion sick with movement that was not foreword facing (can explain more if you like). I am creating VR content within UE4 and interested in non teleport based VR locomotion. I am very sensitive to motion sickness so I can quickly identify what works. I will be testing out Dash Step and Blink Step today. If you like I can provide detailed feedback.