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There will not, sorry. The engine I've used is the super antiquated Windows only 32bit Gamestudio A8 engine. It used to work with Wine on Mac when Wine supported 32bit applications still. (However, Steam Proton and what I would assume similar implementations can run A8 games just fine.)

Oh wow, that's fast! =)

Cool game and concept!!

Thank you everyone, for the feedback also!

The swinging and the momentum can feel nice but why is there a random element when firing the grapple? If I stand in place, aim at some point, don't move my mouse and fire the grapple the angle and target varies every other time - is this intended?

This game is fun, I like it! The start however not so much until you (read: I) realize that you should not hold Q and P but instead press the buttons. They toggle states, it's not press to hold. (In QWOP you hold buttons, and you hold W and O also. I like the setup with toggle states but it wasn't clear to me for the first few minutes.)

Great job!