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If anyone is interested I also did a letsplay of the remastered actual game as well :)

Ok great!

Please let me know if/when more of this game gets made (you can tweet at me @IXIstudios) and I will 200% livestream the rest of it!

I'm still getting used to my new streaming setup, I guess I have to noise gate my setup better.

Sorry if it was annoying, my setup has been a bit hit and miss so far lol

Really hoping to see more, and if more happens, I will play it on stream as well!

So glad to hear that our testing was of use to you! 

We would be more than happy to test any and all future builds. :)

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So my buds and I did a video of this game the other day and gave our thoughts as we played. Myself, an avid TOME fan, my roommate with a casual familiarity with TOME, and my third person with no experience with TOME, here to judge the game clearly on its own merits.

To summarize:

- Animation and art style are very cute and appealing
- Love the idea of having your party follow you
- Having Mario RPG-style combat where each type of action is tied to a button is a great homage
- I did not notice any bugs during my playthrough as a Crystal Cybernetic Brawler on a PC.

Cons (and I'm sure this will all be tightened up in the full release):
- party members fall too far behind when moving around
- when you teleport, your allies should teleport with you
- basic attack timed hits would be easier with a gauge to show when to hit
- magic attack gauges should remain on screen for a couple of seconds before requiring you to start pressing buttons
- when choosing a target for a skill or attack it should show the highlighted enemy's HP
- dialogue should not autoforward in case someone isn't paying attention during any one line
- for characters too far off to the left their four-button menu at the start of their turn gets cut off