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The idea is really great, I love the sandbox weapon! My only problem is that there is way too much inertia to the weapon, makes it really hard to hit something you want.

It's a nice implementation of a nice idea, the controls are hard to master but it's what makes the game interesting

Nice idea, love the idea to launch your rock!

It's hard to master the controls but it's really satisfying, great game!

Very original idea and stunning visual, love it!

Same than the other, difficult movement. However, the idea is nice and the game is really polished for a 48h games!

Really simple but well exectued, good job!

Really good idea and nice presentation, good job!

Really good puzzle game, simple and intuitive

That... was weird

My rocket was going up, but facing the ground :D

Very original idea, would be nice to have more interaction from the invasion

Cute little game with a nice idea, well done!

Damn I love this game, it's a really good idea really well executed! Well done!

It was quite ballsy to do a multiplayer game! It's a fun minigame with a simple but good idea, well done

The idea is good but it's a maybe a bit too easy to forget which alien is responding to which input when everybody is pushed by the platforms

Unfortunatly we didn't have the time to do this, you didn't miss anything :D

The idea is not really original but the gameplay is really smooth, the game is a pleasure to play, good job !

The game looks really good and the idea is great, but the goal is not really clear, I guess render the tweet more socially acceptable? Some kind of feedback would be nice to know if we're doing the right thing!

Excellent idea and nice visual! Maybe the control are a bit clunky...

The concept is nice but it would benefit greatly from more visual indicator like when the gravity will change, in which direction, etc.