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Superfish the Human

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I can't go back to 2D view in Level 4. 

Great game, though. Will donate if I can afford.

3. since an underwater level is there (without traps), will you recreate the underwater level from SA3? It will be cool lol

aside from that the new demo is cool's too hard to control the cat than the original game

2.will you add the tutorial level back? it looks so cool

I personally thought Syobon will be crashed by something on the intro lol

After some playthrough, I found that the idea of eating power-ups making enemies bigger was cool :p And the game also has more cool stuffs rather than just a flipped Super ***** Bros. clone. Can't wait to play more games from you!

The graphics looks cool! Considering play this game on my PC when my PC is availble.

The new demo looks much cooler, I may play it on my PC if I can use it this weekend. 

I heard that Wine (a multiplatform Win32 runtime) is availble on Mac, you can probably install Wine on your Mac and play it. I haven't tested it as I don't have a Mac. 

The game looks so cool. Heavily reminds me a game that changes the platform every jump. Considering buying the full game when I can afford it. 

looks cool

The control and the tutorial is a bit hard, the rest is great. 

I don't think it should be removed, it can be a warning to the player that this game is extremely "easy" but one of the platforming section in the tutorial is too hard for starters as seen in the picture, and you should make it easier. It should be skippable for advanced players. 

Looks cool!

Updated to v1.1 with your suggestion

looks cool for Scratch's standards

also you can convert the project with Turbowrap or Sheeptester's htmlifer to run at 60 fps

this shit is art

finally I can play a proper 1D tetris game that doesn't clear lines automatically


this feels like a shitpost

Looks Cool

Finally I can play it without download

Today is 08/08/2020. When will the 2.0 Beta release? I can't wait for it. 

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I'm not a big fan on RPGs, but this game is really fun and it's still a masterpiece even if it's released 30 years before!

Sounds great! Can't wait to make my new platformer.