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world 2 level music is fire

how did you make the enemy graphics work

we need a version thats a bit easier for players that just cant get past things like Warrior episode 3 "Worse than a curse" and no i'm totally not talking about myself

shut up its hard for me okay

this man modded a mod of a game

i wish that you had to click to leave after dying instead of pressing space, there were so many times i accidentally pressed space and didn't get to see my score after dying

i literally used only one mover cell to open it V3;2Q;2Q;{(0(391)02)08A)ej(0(2l)2!88qAi0qII!C)eh(0(2l)q48)0a4q)ef(2P(2p)4828U8U84(2P)6)ec(5t(2q)!I)05(5t)8)eb(2P(2p)U!4Iq84qU(2P)6)ec(5t(2s){{{8q(5t)a)e9(5t(2r)!{{{!(5t)a)ea(2P(2p)I!8{{{I(5t)8)ec(aX(2s)8qI(aX)c)e9(aX(2r)8)04(aX)a)ea(lJ(2r)UI(lJ)d)ea(r1(2y)I(r1)eI(2P(2o){C!I8!AS0!(wg)6)ef(0(2d)6(BZ)aa(BJ)7aA{ee)ed(ED(2q)(2P(2O)(ED(z1)(14r(2Z)(0(36x);;

There were some holes inside the vault, so I decided to use that to my advantage. V3;3s;3s;{(0(3uV)o(1DJ(1DJ)48)0i4(3r(37)q82)0g!!(3r(38)2I)0fq2(3r(3a)!q(a7)e(3r(3e)qYYYYAi0)648!(3r(3e)6Ii)08qG(3r(3g)Ae)080(3r(3j)28)042(3r(3l)!q2228!(3r(3i)iAeq2!q82!e0i(3r(3f)AAeq2Ie!2!e00(3r(3f)SAeq2I!q2!e0S(dB(3j)I222!(dB(3j)6Ae(Bh)6(kj(3m)(r1(3q)!S)088(3r(3g)IooooAS0)64!(3r(3e)(OM)e(3r(3e)(YW)g(3r(3a)q(YX)hI(3r(38)4(YW)gIII(-F(38)(0(5Bi);;

i cracked the vault V3;O;O;{)08S)0i)r9)0m(N(aU)6(N(4M)YYYY)89)0f{A)0k0000{{{{6Ai)0bS)440G)Nl(24)9)Nd)05)NxAo)0d60)NyG(1n)d)NB(24)d)NCAsI)06s00)NDqe)06!(N(4J)s8)06(5t)G(aS)9)ND(bw)d(N(1c)(c9)f)Ny(dA)h(N(17){(c9)e)05(ed)m(kF)v(fe)j)Ny)0Nc)OO2)0f;;

I like it

This game is cool and all, but there is a bug where sometimes if an object splits and explodes and the other objects that come from it keep splitting and exploding, there can sometimes be some glitched things that I like to call "ghost objects" where they all face exactly right and never anywhere else, and can't be interacted with.