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Here's my day number two playthrough! Enjoy, chefs!

Here's my playthrough of day number one's game! 

Very creepy quickie with some superb visuals and a helluva twist!



There's a good chance I softlocked myself out of finishing this one, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. 


Thanks, pal! Glad you enjoyed the video!

Had a fun time with this quickie! Love the style and vibe. It'd be cool to see this story expanded into a bigger game!


If you're looking for a quick trick or treat simulator that'll give your memory a light stretch, give this one a try!


Fun puzzler with some bodacious Halloween babes! Great job!


Another fantastic entry into the FTF series! And as usual, a perfect blend of cozy and creepy. If you haven't played every one of these games, do it now! And if you already have, play them again! 


Here's a link to my one minute review!

tldr - this game is awesome and you should play it!

Fun little quickie! Here's my very quick review!

My playthrough/review. Enjoy, chefs!

My pleasure! Here's my playthrough if you'd like to check it out. 

lol I see now that they were being sarcastic... I was assuming from the way things were worded in the description (good behavior will be rewarded, everything is a puzzle, true story is hidden in plain sight, etc.) that there'd be a good ending for making certain decisions or performing certain actions.  My suspicions were raised even more when I found that some of the windows upstairs could be boarded up. Couple that with the reference to a weapon being hidden somewhere and I think you'll see how someone might get the idea that there's a better outcome waiting to be unlocked. Bummer!

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Any clues on how to not get the bad ending? I've played through multiple times trying a few different ideas and nothing seems to work...

Always a fan of horror releases around Halloween! Fingers crossed for the rest of the development process to be nice and smooth for ya.

Fantastic demo! Added to the ol' wishlist on Steam and looking forward to the full game! Any heads up on a release date?

Enjoy, chefs!

My pleasure!

Enjoy, chefs!

Enjoy, chefs!

Here's my playthrough. Enjoy, chefs!

Enjoy, chefs!

Here's my video. Enjoy, chefs.

Almost had to quit after getting stuck on the stairs, but thankfully I was able to jostle myself free! Wish I could've given the Maniac a shotgun shell sandwich...

Fantastic game! Difficulty is perfectly balanced right off the bat and the play itself is incredibly fun! Awesome work!

Gave it a shot! Thanks for reaching out on Twitter!

Well, I gave it the old college try multiple times over the course of the past 24 hours and still can't make it through without a game breaking bug. Here's my last attempt.

No, the issue isn't the meat, I'm just not able to pick up any toppings. This problem seems to occur after I take the last plate in the stack and put it down to begin preparing an order.

Fun game! Hope you'll expand upon the concept!

It looks like the cheeseburger issue has been resolved, so thanks for taking care of that! Unfortunately, a new problem seems to have come up. I was getting all of the orders taken care of with no problems, and then out of nowhere I wasn't able to pick up any toppings. I thought this might've been a prompt to go and visit the butcher, so I went in and used the chainsaw, picked up the hand, and went back to the kitchen. The problem still continued and I ran out of time, as I was unable to complete the order. This has happened multiple times.

I don't know what exactly is going on, but every menu item seems to work just fine except the cheeseburger. Literally every time I serve it I get attacked and it's game over. 

Cool concept! I think this game could end up being a fantastic challenge with lots of fun and clever mechanics if fleshed out and expanded. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Played through and got both endings. One of which resulted in some minor hilarity.

My pleasure!

Great job crafting some very creepy vibes in this one! Unsettling and unnerving, with an ending that is quite the effective exclamation point to the experience!

My pleasure! Looking forward to that Easter egg!

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I enjoyed this one! Very smooth movement and fantastic visuals! I'd love to see an expanded version of this concept with more interactivity available to the player (pick up the magazine and flip through, play the games, open the closets, walk through the house, etc.)

Also, prayers up for Grandma! Hopefully when you release your next game it will come with an update that she kicked cancer's ass!

Thanks for listening!