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Hey thanks, we appreciate the view and the kind words.

Hey JackBugajski20!

I'd never had the opportunity to play P.T. before so thank you for your hard work! Here's a gameplay video if you're interested in watching as my friend heckles my progress.

Thanks again!

Hey BioXide, we had a ton of fun with this one. What you accomplished in a few days is impressive! We'd love to see that enemy more fleshed out in another game.

Here's our video if you'd like to watch.

Thanks for the experience!

Hey Andries, this was one of our favorites this month so we went back for more!

It took us forever to figure out what to do with the table chip...

Thanks again for making this! We will follow your future work for sure.

Hey Wolfgas. This was one of our favorite games of the whole month so we decided to go back for more!

Thanks again for the game!

Hey Al Heck, this was pretty great! Especially for being made in such a short time. We'd definitely play anything else you make.

Thanks for the experience!

We had a ton of fun with this, despite getting lost in the beginning!

Thanks for the experience!

We had a lot of fun playing through this one.

Thanks for the experience!

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The game spooked me out!

Unfortunately, the video was flagged for copyright because of the song on the radio, haha. So there is about 30 seconds of silence where the music should have been.

Thanks for the experience! Also, the addition of voice acting was awesome.

This quick demo was awesome and we can't wait for the final version of the game. You really scared us!

Thanks for the experience!

Hey Andries, you really scared us!

Thanks for the experience!