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Thanks so much, really glad to hear you enjoyed the game! I'm definitely considering trying to take the project further and turn it into a commercial product, once the jam is over I'm thinking about adding some more levels, colorizing, and putting the game in widescreen and release that as a "DX" version for sale.

Hey thanks so much, really glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm gonna be looking into tweaking the movement once the jam is over and slowing down the crash is definitely something I want to look into, thanks for the suggestion!

Hey appreciate the interest! I'll be picking up an Apple developer license later this summer for my other game, so I'll be porting this along with it soon.

Not a fan of the way you worded this but I agree we could definitely do a better job emphasizing the cannons on his arms. Were I to redo the concept art they'd definitely be much larger to match the sprite, and I'm looking to go in and add some fire effects on the dashing sprites to make it clear what their purpose is.


Thanks! Yeah I'm sure it's only a matter of time but them considering this a threat to their business would honestly kind of be a complement.