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Nice one. Thanks!

Deepest Blue community · Created a new topic Demo?

Lovely to meet you at the Zzap! live event on Saturday. This game looks really good and I really hope you have the time/motivation to complete it. Do you have a playable demo as I would love to try it out? Thankyou for all the great games and memories.


Doh! Thanks Richard. Wrong port.

Nice little game however in Vice my joystick left and right just quit the game. Not sure whats going on. Works fine in the browser though and haven't tried on the sd2iec yet.

Fun little game with a definite one more go vibe. Good graphics and soundtrack. Thanks for this and thanks for keeping new content coming on itch and for zzap64.

Congratulations on the no.1 spot. Deservedly won against some great competition. Thank-you for a great game...

Great game. Love the whole package but is brutally hard but the gorgeous graphics and silky smooth scrolling make me keep having "just one more go". Good look and I voted for this in rgn gamers choice 2020.

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Absolutely fantastic game. The music, gameplay and plot is bang on. Well done guys and keep up the great work.

Docsters Digger is also a nice, fun arcadey game and is a great bonus.