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I've got a Steam Deck and have tried leaving Placid Plastic Duck Simulator up and running.

It seems like this would be really cool to do the same thing with NeuraQuarium but it is not on Steam (yet) Any plans to put it up on Steam?

Or would it be easier to just install the Itch app on the Deck or just plop the game in my home folder somewhere?

Any way to download older versions of the software? The latest version is crashing for me on my Linux system :-( I've created an issue in Github so hopefully it's enough info to track down what's going on and fix it.

This looks really slick! I wish I could remember where I stumbled across this project - either Twitter or Reddit.

I have a Linux laptop and it seems to work well there, except it shows the wrong time on the initial screen. It's showing "Tuesday, December 2021" as the date. The time appears to be correct but 24 hour clock - it would be nice to have the option for 12 hour clock.

I see you've also talked about MAYBE have a Mac version. I'd love to try it out and give feedback whenever it's available.

Last but not least, I've got a couple ideas for apps and had thought I could either spend what little time I've got for side projects on games OR apps. Now I see I may be able to build the apps I want in Godot to learn the engine and maybe later work on games. Thanks for the inspiration!

I love the idea of releasing some games for free on Linux as a way to build up the gaming community there. This is a great way to try out some games on your favorite OS and then if you like them enough, buy the games or support the devs on Itch or Patreon.

I found out about Puppygames from the Humble Bundle and have been a fan ever since.