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Hey, your sprites are amazing!

I'd really like to see in a future release some sv battlers for other kobolds, like the soldiers you have made in this package.  

If you 'll make someone of them, i'd be very happy because in my game are an important part of the story! :))

Sorry pal, but you have to buy it as i do :P 
Sometimes Dream Circles has discounts, so you could get them all for half price :)

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Hi! I' m currently in the so called 'pre production' part of the game, so it could take me some time before i' ll show the project. 
They run both 30 and 60 fps in order to use them on low  or high hardwares, for example. 
In my opinion they  crafted a bit too quickly but with some edit you could improve them. For example i had duplicate the layers and to increase the contrast. 
Another things is that Rpg Maker can't play animations much longher than 200 frames. So, you will see them in around 3 seconds, not  much more than that. All  animations are realized to fit the standard resolution of 816*624, if you enlarge the graphics on much larger resolution (at least 1440*900), you will see a little pixelade effect on the anims. Hope this helps!

Thanks these animations are so cute! :)))

Wonderful font, it is really useful for my project and more!

Another piece of mastery! I only have to add some transition at the end of the animations in order to give a bit smothness. 

These animations are usefull in any project :)

Wonderful piece of work! I was really waiting for this! 

I like all the animations and i hope you will continue with this serie :)

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Your work is massively well done! I bought some of these animations and not only they work great but they are also awesome! I will keep to support you and i hope you will continue with these series, with thunder, ice and earth elements. 

1. Can i use this for commercial projects?
2. Are there any engine restrictions?
3. Can i modify the assests in order to fit my game?