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no one did its boyfriend and girlfriend also known as bf and gf not cam not keith get it right

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cooooooooooool                                      cool

what the


a lot of us are saying flamingo


was there a answer and did u make this

the ost for sure

true but sometimes just sometimes they mean what they say when they say they want to be friends


this is fake %100


me like ROBUX

i look forward to seeing u tonight

i agree its easy now that i'm good at it but its still one of the hardest songs in the game i mean what's harder

to me its week 2 on hard i got used to it around now but it just was hard the one called spookez

no as like as a last week like week 5 but with gf and feels special with the final song that might bring people with tears because they might not want it to go type week

nah i mean i imagine gf at the end singing a final song for friday night funkin for when it gives its last song but that's just what i thought anyways yeah i want dad to come back as a really hard week too

there just spreading rumors because no one knows how long the weeks go and so we don't know that they are probably predicting it or guessing

i never heard that but i always thought boyfriend would fight girlfriend in the end as a ending of friday night funkin song

maybe its one of those thing where two different looking things make a different kind of thing and maybe she has a demon transformation

what about corrupted senpai its getting weird for day 2 and everyone so far has been corrupted no one stands a chance idk whats happening with the mom is she done for or what and dad hasn't been seen i hope boyfriend come back to his senses to save them