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amazing game the puzzles were very clever but not frustrating and i liked the story alot

nvm im special and downloaded the linux version when I'm on a windows lmao

same i cant figure out how to launch it

lol dont apolgise it is a horror game after all and the uneasiness was done very well. Yall should be proud can't wait to see whats next and good luck!

This game is great I love the fish minigame, had to stop playing and watch a playthrough for the last bit cause I got scared but this was great! cant wait to see more

cute game nice and comfy art

i did that :( thank  you though

making a buddy ladder is basically impossible :/

i watched manly play this game and i really liked it! i plan to definitely keep a eye on this project. Great job dev and love the art!

im glad your getting  more support :)

yes very cool game!! :)


Also your game seems really good keep of the work!

Hey manly badass hero played your game :)

thank you so much for making this it was so fun to play all i wish is that there was art at the end but good job nonetheless:)))


i love this game


animal crackers in my soup

monkeys and rabbits loop the loop loop loop loop