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Sunrise Codeworks

A member registered May 01, 2021

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What a delightful game of achievement and cooperation.   And the cooperation gets stronger as the game progresses.  For complete satisfaction, it needs an ending (with an option to continue).

The instructions should say you can match the Rank without matching the Suit (for example, a 7 of Hearts will match a 7 of Clubs).  The score/time/pairs bar is way too large, completely obscuring the bottom (4th) row of cards, making it impossible to finish a game.  It would be nice to be able to start with a smaller/easier game board, before moving up to the larger board size.

Nicely done!  A few suggestions:

Allow a right-click to clear a Black cell.  Allow a left-click to clear a Red-X cell.

Display the title of the puzzle after it is solved (a little reward for the user).

Avoid drag errors:  When the user is clicking-and-dragging a range of cells, don't mark cells if the mouse strays off the current row/column that they are filling.

When starting a puzzle, pre-fill all-zero rows/columns with Red-X's.

Reduce the user's need to count:  When the mouse is over a Black cell, display how many Black cells are in that group (horizontally and vertically).  Similarly when over an empty cell, display how many empty cells are in that group (horizontally and vertically).

Help the user find mistakes:  Grey out the row/column hint number(s) when they are satisfied (but not necessarily correct) in the grid.